Code Realize: Wintertide Miracles

Official Website: Japanese | English

Where to Buy: PS Vita | Playstation 4 | Nintendo Switch

About this Game (Click to Reveal)

During a winter where the Steel City of London is covered in a blanket of white,
a yuletide story between the two of you who yearn for one another, but live apart, unfolds.
The sweet days with the two young men that you choose.
A certain encounter that occurs between your travels in search for father.
And the story that paints [their] future–
A past never told.
A present spent with cherished ones.
And a future that has not been seen yet.
The blessed future that lies even further ahead.
What feelings will bloom inside the girl’s heart,
as she experiences the events that miracles have wrought–

Developer: Otomate

ESRB Rating: Teen (T)

Genre: Fantasy

Languages: Japanese | English

Publisher: Aksys Games

Release Date: Feb 14, 2019 (EN)

Price: $39.99

Length: 20 hours

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