Voltage Inc Announces 3 New Otome Titles for Nintendo Switch

After the success of Even if Tempest, it seems Voltage Inc. is ready to jump full force into the console game! The Japanese otome publisher announced overnight three new otome games for the Nintendo Switch—all three will be available in English and Japanese.

While it’s still early, Voltage Inc released reveal trailers and Project Codes for each title; and y’all they look AMAZING!! So let’s check out the details!!

From the depths of a neon city comes a declaration of war.

Project Code: Neon Mafia

PlatformNintendo Switch (Download only)
ReleaseTBA 2024
Story/DevelopmentVoltage Inc.
DirectorIchika Shiina (Voltage Inc.)
ScenarioRirika Yoshimura
IllustratorTakao (Voltage Inc.)
Background ArtStudio Cocolo Co., Ltd.
SoundtrackShunsuke Tsuchiya (PROCYON STUDIO)
Theme Song[Vocals & Lyrics]
Shihoko Hirata (MIT GATHERING)

[Composition & Arrangement]
Shunsuke Tsuchiya (PROCYON STUDIO)

Turn it all into a beautiful display. Your folly, your weakness, your shame… Your corpse.

Project Code: Kaleido Tower

PlatformNintendo Switch (Download only)
ReleaseTBA 2024
Story/DevelopmentVoltage Inc.
Ayane Ushio
IllustratorTana Khaki
Costume DesignUNICO INC.
Background ArtShizui fen
SoundtrackHayato Asano

Humans and Vampires. A game with the world’s fate in the balance is about to begin.

Project Code: Vampire Hunter

PlatformNintendo Switch (Download only)
ReleaseTBA 2025
Story/DevelopmentVoltage Inc.
DirectorNachi (Voltage Inc.)
Background ArtMinoru Akiba (Studio Jack)
SoundtrackYamato (Heart Company Ltd.)
Theme Song9mm Parabellum Bullet

Source: products.voltage.co.jp/newtitle2023/english

This is such huge news! As a longtime Voltage Inc fan, it’s so cool to see how far the company has come. One thing that has always attracted me to the publisher is their variety of stories—from slice of life office romance, to historical dramas, to fantasy adventure—Voltage Inc. truly has a story for every taste! So, to see one of my favorite publishers expanding to console releases really is exciting!

I can’t wait to see more details about these three upcoming titles, each seems to really capture the unique storytelling that Voltage Inc has come to be known for! But, what do you all think? Are you excited for these new announcements? Which title are you most interested in?

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