JAST BLUE Announces 2 New PIL/SLASH BL Games for English Localization

Anime Expo 2023 has been tons of great reveals and sneak peeks. During their industry panel, boys love publisher JAST Blue announced they would be localizing two PIL/SLASH BL games: Masquerade: Hell Academy and Paradise! JAST Blue has been the exclusive publisher of Nitro+chiral games, and earlier this year they dropped Varenyett’s fantasy BL, Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon. So, it’s exciting to see JAST introducing western fans to other publishers!

There are currently no release dates for either title, but during the panel staff revealed that the translation work had been done for both titles.

Masquerade: Hell Academy

Masquerade: Hell Academy is JAST BLUE’s first collaboration with PIL/SLASH. Since this is an older release it was originally heavily censored, but for the official English localization, JAST BLUE worked with the original developers to have the naughty bits re-drawn for the international release.




Azuma’s days are unchanging . his monotonous life is shaken up when he wins a trip to a southern island resort in a lottery drawing.

“Who knows…maybe I’ll even meet some cute girls there or something.”

In high spirits over this uncommonly good luck, he eagerly looks forward to the day of departure… only to find nothing but men present at the tour group’s meeting point. Despite the huge disappointment, he becomes friendly the other members of the tour (except one) and is able to enjoy his time on the uninhabited island for what it is.


It’s amazing to see the BL fandom in the west getting fed in recent years. But, it’s especially exciting to see publishers like JAST BLUE collaborating with different Japanese BL companies. PIL/SLASH is a new face for many, but they are known for creating stories and games with dark themes and heavy subject matter, so I’m curious to see what Masquerade and Paradise have to offer!

At this time we don’t have official release dates, but I can’t wait to see more updates from JAST BLUE as we get closer to these titles being released. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on JAST BLUE’s socials for details and check out the PIL/SLASH Japanese site!

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2 thoughts on “JAST BLUE Announces 2 New PIL/SLASH BL Games for English Localization

  1. Both of these look interesting, though I’m more drawn to Masquerade: Hell Academy. It seems to scream mystery and bloody murder. And assuming Hiroshi is the protagonist, I feel like I can see myself as him

  2. Yoooo I just saw this I am so excited! I’ve heard *things* about pil/vamp otome games, since we’re probably never gonna get them in English , I will happily accept a bl game from that company! I hope they’re as messed up as I expect them to be.

    I’ll have to look up more about them!

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