New Site Updates!

Hey hey Blerdy Tribe! It’s been a bit hectic on my end, so there haven’t been as many posts lately (sorry). But, I have been hard at work in the background playing through game requests, streaming on Twitch, and working on some super secret updates!

As a Black woman I try to promote from within my community, so when I am looking for artists and creators for Blerdy Otome, I prioritize Black creators. We just don’t get as much visibility on mainstream platforms (unless it’s Black History Month) and that’s just not right. So I always try to support my own people when I can here on Blerdy Otome.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to connect with two amazing Black artists and I commissioned them for some new art for my site and Twitch channel. Both Reggie and Celi are some of the best creators that I have worked with, their skill and professionalism far exceeded all my wildest dreams. Both took the vision I had for the designs and made it happen. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and patience with this project. They are the BEST!

So, I am happy to reveal some of the updated art that I’ll be using here and on Twitch moving forward!!

An Official Blerdy Otome Logo

So, the old logo was just something I whipped up on Canva and that was cool for a bit, but felt like I needed something a little more “official”. The amazing ReggieBear (@reggiebearr) hooked me up with this amazing logo design! We kept the pink and purple color scheme and added some sparkles for a nod to the “Black girl magic” theme. Reggie came up with the idea to add joycons to the ‘m’ in otome and they also included a subtle design nod to my love of boys love too~

New Full Body Character and Icon

Since I was updating the logo I thought it was time to update my mini me design too. So I reached out to Celi (@pianta_) and they more than exceeded my expectations. The design is similar to my old pfp, more casual style of clothes and the Nintendo Switch (since it’s my main console). I’m black all day every day, and a proud alum of an HBCU, so, of course I’m repping my school with the Howard shirt.

Talking Heads for Reviews & Follower Twitch Emote

So starting with Piofiore 1926, I updated my reviews to include personal reactions for each character route. I thought it was a fun, cute way to give my personal thoughts on each route for folks looking for a quick hot take. I’ve mostly been using my old Twitch emotes from my previous artist, but with the redesign, I figured I should commission some new ones~ Celi, came thru with these adorable talking heads! I’m having these double as Subscriber emotes on my Twitch channel too. My personal fave is the shrug, it’s gonna get used quite a bit…

Of course I also asked the lovely and talented Reggie to create three new emotes for my Twitch followers! It was hard narrowing down which reactions I wanted but the side eye and the WTF emotes are a whole mood with some of the games I’ve been playing lately lol.

I’m in love with all the new art!

I’m still in the process of updating everything across all my pages and socials, so pardon the dust in the meantime. I also updated my Twitch overlays, and I am really happy with how everything looks, it all feels so “official” ya know…

I hope y’all like the updates, both Reggie and Celi knocked it out of the park with these designs and I am so happy to be able to share this with everyone!

As always, thank you all for your support and for always being so awesome!!

Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome!

Blerdy Otome Logo Small

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