What Your Piofiore Fave Says About You

Variety is the spice of life, and in otome games we literally have our fill of hotties to choose from! Whether your type is the cool aloof guy with the tragic back story, the shameless flirt, or the ever cheerful genki guy–there is literally someone for everyone in the wonderful ikemen filled world of otome. Everyone has their ideal love interest, and that got me thinking “what does your otome fave say about you?”

So, thought it’d be fun create a series of post looking at what your favorite love interests say about your tastes. Since the English release of Piofiore Episodio 1926 is right around the corner, lets take a trip back to Burlone and see what your fave Mafia bae has to say about you! Also, for a bit of fun, if you’re curious about who your Piofiore bae is, I created a fun quiz: What does your Piofiore fave say about you?

Dante Falzone

If Dante is your fave: You like the power and control, without the ego attached, lowkey vibes only. You prefer cozy night at home with a book and a warm cup of tea over a night on the town. You don’t need grand gestures or expensive gifts, just something sweet and thoughtful. Your passions don’t burn like a flame, they simmer and you’re down for taking things nice and slow.


If Orlok is your fave: Oh, seems you might be a sugar mama (or sugar daddy). You like to “educate” others on the finer details in life. You’re a patient and thorough instructor, who believes in giving others a lot of your tender love and care. You’re a nurturer, you protec, but you also attac, so folks better beware! But, really deep down you’re looking for something pure and innocent, that cute sugary sweet first love kinda feeling.

Nicola Francesca

If Nicola is your fave: Oh child, you like to put in work! You came in like a wrecking ball, knocking down their defenses and bulldozing your way through all the bullshit! But, even still you’re still weak to a bit of charm, I mean, who doesn’t swoon over a pretty face and a smile? So what if they’re a bit of a tease?! You’re looking for a someone who knows what they’re doing, who knows just what to do to make your body sing~ Deep down you just want someone to dote on you, someone who will burn everything to the ground if it meant seeing you smile.


If Yang is your fave: Red flags? 🚩🚩🚩Pssh, red is your favorite color! You like to live dangerously, life is short, might as well have fun! You’re the type that’s here for a good time not a long time. Let your ID run free, follow your passions, who cares what other people think? Wanna spend all day in bed? Treat yo’ self! Wanna punch a wolf? YOU SUCKERPUNCH THAT WOLF! This is your world, everyone else can get in line or shut up. Ain’t no time for regrets, this train has already gone off the rails, best to just hold on and enjoy the ride! Love? Who needs love when you’ve got PASSION! You may be a masochist…

Gilbert Redford

If Gil is your fave: Like a moth to a flame you are drawn in by folks with natural charisma. You don’t sweat the small stuff, other folks will handle the details—you my friend are a dreamer, a visionary! Some folks see your seeming lack of forethought as a weakness, but you know, things just always seem to work out for you, so why bother planning? Besides, where’s the fun in that? You wanna laugh and have a good time, who needs pesky things like drama and angst. Sure you’ve had some troubles in the past, but why dwell on the bad when things are going good in the here and now! You’re rarely in a bad mood and you tend to take things in stride, but when someone pisses you off you don’t hold back!

Don’t forget to try the quiz!

Now that you’re done with the post, give the quiz a try and see which of the Piofiore boys is more your speed: What does your Piofiore fave say about you? Be sure to share your results and let me know who you got!!

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2 thoughts on “What Your Piofiore Fave Says About You

  1. I got Orlok. My fave is actually Gilbert, but Orlok is fine too. This pure precious cinammon roll would no doubt love me with all his heart, and I’d love to take care of him. (^///^)

    Not including the secret guy? Because he is a secret route?

    1. My fave is Gil too, but Orlok is such a precious baby and I love him in 1926! He is definitely the type to shower you with love and he’s love good head pats.

      So technically the secret character is in the quiz, buuuut I didn’t wanna spoil folks in the post (even though he gets a route in 1926).

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