Twitch Streaming Schedule: Week of 9/18- 9/24

Hey Blerdy Tribe! It’s a new week and with it comes the promise of new streams over on Twitch! If you haven’t already come through for a stream, what are you waiting for? I play a variety of games from otome to indie VNs to RPGs and everything in between! So if you like chill vibes and fun games come on by:

This Week’s Streaming Schedule

This week is full of some new titles! I’ll be doing release day streams for the upcoming otome localizations, Amnesia Later x Crowd and Piofiore Episodio 1926! Also on Saturday I’ll be chatting with indie dev Jellyfish Parade on stream while playing their upcoming indie otome game, Belle Automata!So if you’re looking for some fun, you don’t wanna miss this week’s streams! All times are EDT.

Mon – Sept 19th @ 5:00 PM – Cooking With Belmont

Tue – Sept 20th @ 5:00 PM – Amnesia Later x Crowd

Wed – Sept 21 St – No Stream

No stream, today!

Thur – Sept 22nd @ 5:00 PM – Piofiore Episodio 1926

Fri – Sept 23rd – No Stream

No Stream Today!

Sat – Sept 24th @ 4:00PM – Belle Automata

Belle Automata

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