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Hey  Blerdy Tribe!! As always I am taking something old and giving it a fresh coat of paint–I’m bringing back my crowdfunding support post series, that will thus forward be known as Indie Spotlight. And what better game to kick things off with than Great Gretuski’s upcoming farming inspired indie otome, Peachleaf Valley – Seed of Love that just launched on Kickstarter

Great Gretuski are the folks behind the super fun fantasy otome game, Love Spell: Written in the Stars and now they’re trying their hand at something a bit different, drawing inspiration from games like “Harvest Moon”, “Stardew Valley” and “Story of Seasons” to give a whole new adventure! So let’s take at some of the awesome features coming our way in the game when it’s released next year!


There comes a point in life when we are faced with darkness. Times when nothing seems to go our way and despite our hardest efforts, it feels as if we still aren’t rewarded. 

And such is the case with our heroine, a young artist who has lived her whole life amidst looming skyscrapers in a superficial city. 

One day, without notice, she loses both her job and her home. 

Lost, frustrated, and with nowhere to go…she wanders through a farmer’s market at a local park. 

There she meets an elderly farmer who hails from a distant valley in the countryside. The man smiles at her, warmth and kindness radiating from his eyes, as he hands her a flower. 

“You know…where I’m from, that flower there is usually given to people who leave on a journey, in a way to hope for prosperous new beginning wherever they might find themselves.”

And just as life is filled with despair at times, it comes to show us it is also filled with incredible wonder, beauty and adventure.

In a spur of the moment, our heroine decides to leave her old life behind and starts another one anew in a valley filled with flowers… where the sea, the sky, and the earth all seem to meet.

-Official Game Bio


  • Nameable Heroine: You can keep our MC’s default name, Seraphina, or take the lead in the story yourself with a custom name!
  • 4 Different Romantic Routes: Each route features a unique and wholesome individual story, including NPCs, locations and characters exclusive to each individual route. The heroine herself and her interests also differ slightly from story to story, so you’ll have to play all of the routes to experience the full picture!
  • Navigation System: Along with save and load slots, our game has an optional “Navigate” feature which allows players to revisit previously unlocked chapters in the story once they clear the whole route. Interested in going back to re-read a specific part in the story? Perhaps that steamy kiss scene?! No problem! With the navigation feature, you can easily go back in time!
  • HIS P.O.V Stories: Each route features a special chapter where the story is told from your lover’s perspective. See the world and experience his feelings about you through his very eyes!
  • Romantic CGs: In the more intimate moments of your relationship, experience what his embrace feels like first hand with beautiful CG illustrations.
  • User Choices: Take control of your destiny by picking first hand what you say or do in the story– but be careful, the wrong choice could lead to heartbreak!
  • Multiple Endings: The Good, The Bad and The Epilogues can all be unraveled through your choices in the story! Determine your own fate and decide on your own ending!


In Peachleaf Valley, you play as a female protagonist named Seraphina and you have the chance to romance four unique bachelors all inspired by one of the four seasons! 

The Heroine

Peachleaf Valley Seraphina

The Bachelors


Screenshots and Art Assets

Kickstarter Campaign Details

So, the Kickstarter campaign was launched on June 8th 2021 and is set to run until July 10th 2021! The campaign goal is $18,000 to help with the production costs of the game!

Why Support the campaign?

  • Get a digital copy of the game along with nice digital and physical goodies like:
    • Min Print set
    • Acrylic charms
    • your name in the game credits
    • Double-sided pillowcases
  • If the campaign hits the $23,000 stretch goal the devs will add additional character routes, like Eden…
Peachleaf Valley Eden
  • If the campaign hits the $30,000 stretch goal there will be partial voice acting
  • And more… 

More Info on the Team

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