5 Wholesome Indie VNs to Brighten Your Day

I love video games, but even I get burned out on all the gameplay mechanics and strategy. Sometimes I just want to turn off my brain and play a game that makes me feel good—games where I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy some chill vibes. Sometimes we get so caught up on the destination that we don’t take the time to stop and enjoy the journey, so that got me thinking about some of the more wholesome visual novels out there. So I compiled a list of five games that are sure to brighten your day~

Half Past Fate Nintendo Switch

Half Past Fate

Steam | Nintendo Switch

Half Past Fate is a rom-com adventure game developed by Serenity Forge. Between work, hobbies, and modern living finding your special someone can get pretty daunting, but love always seems to strike when you least expected. In Half Past Fate, it’s the everyday moments that bring six ordinary people together—from a chance meeting at a tea festival to helping a stranger change a flat tire, it’s the these small twists of fate that are the start of an even bigger journey! In this heartwarming rom com, you follow three soon to be couples from different points of time throughout the game’s 12 chapters. Immerse yourself in these interconnect stories!

Wide Ocean Open Jacket

Wide Ocean Big Jacket

Steam | PC (Windows & Mac) | Nintendo Switch

Wide Ocean Big Jacket is a short story based game developed by Turnfollow. Experience a short camping trip from the perspective of a family of four—control each member of the family and explore the great out doors. From mundane tasks like roasting hot dogs on the fire to chilling out on the beach, take things at your pace. 

Snow Angel Galen Games

Snow Angel

PC (Windows & Mac)

Snow Angel is a heartwarming fantasy indie otome game developed by Galen Game for the game jam, Nanoreno 2021.  In the game you play as a baker at a local café in a small snow bound town, you enjoy your work and the people you meet, but every so often you can’t help but feel a little lonely. If only there was someone out there just for you, it’s a simple wish, but one from the heart. Suddenly a handsome man appears before you, it seems fate has something special in store for you… The game is short, roughly an hour long with three distinct endings and four beautiful CGs to unlock. 

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Best Friends Forever

SteamPC (Windows and Mac) | Nintendo Switch

Best Friends Forever is a cute, queer positive pet care dating sim developed by Starcolt. Looking for a new start in a new city, you pack up your bags and move to Rainbow Bay the place to be for single dog owners on the prowl. Just one catch, you have to adopt a doggo of you’re very own! Pick your pup from the local animal shelter and give them lots of love—feed them, pet them, and take them out on the town. While you’re taking care of your pooch, hang out with a diverse group of pet parents living in Rainbow Bay~

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Steam | PC (Windows & Mac)

Closing out the list is a super cute girls love game from Apple Cider! In Dorakone, follow Dulce as she dives into the newest augmented reality mobile game, Dragon Connection (DraCo)—it’s like Pokemon Go, but with dragons. Help Dulce build her collection of virtual dragons and make new friends and maybe find love along the way!  This is just an all around super fun and wholesome romance game for all ages!

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  1. Seconding the recommendation of Best Friend Forever, it’s a very sweet game with excellent queer and trans rep! Wide Ocean, Big Jacket is also lovely, the writing is hilarious and heartfelt! <3

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