HuneX Drops Demo for Steam Prison Nintendo Switch Port

Hey Blerdy Tribe! HuneX, is releasing the demo for the Nintendo Switch port of Steam Prison today (January 28th)! But, that’s not all in this exclusive demo, players can now play through Eltcreed’s route from start to finish! So if you’ve been on the fence about giving Steam Prison a try, now is your chance to do it!!

The full version of the game will be made available on February 25, 2021 and it boasts some great new extras that weren’t included in the initial MangaGamer PC release!

Demo Features

  • Players can enjoy Eltcreed ENTIRE route all the way through to the Best Ending, “My Queen”
  • Available in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese for display language.
  • Digital pre-order opens simultaneously.

※The save data from the demo cannot be carried over to the actual copy of the game.

Get the Demo from the Nintendo eShop!!

The Story

There are two kinds of people: the rulers and the ruled. The Heights are a gorgeous utopia. The Depths, a filthy industrial wasteland. Our heroine, raised in the Heights, has nothing but contempt for those below. Now an observation mission requires her to descend into that world, and the gears of fate have begun to turn.

In the game you play as an 18 year old police officer named, Cyrus Tistella, living in the raised utopian city known as the Heights. Everything is coming up roses for our heroine, with a new promotion and her upcoming marriage into the high ranking Evans family. Things take a turn for the worst, when Cyrus is accused of murdering her parents. Unable to prove her innocence, Cyrus is banished to the Depths a place where the most brutal criminals are sent to atone for their crimes. But, when she arrives, Cyrus finds that the Depths is not the primitive wasteland she once believed it to be, she soon learns that all is not as it seems as the things she once held to be true start to fall apart


Eltcreed Valentine

CV. Shirai Yuusuke

Head of the Valentine Bank, which controls the Liberalitas district of the Depths.

His unerring politeness gives him a gentlemanly air, and beneath this welcoming manner is a sincerity that the people of Liberalitas trust.
He was born in the Depths and feels a deep yearning for the Heights.

Ulrik Ferrie

CV. Takatsuka Tomohito

An elusive informant. Appears to have connections with Eltcreed from the past, and often relies on him with personal problems.

He has an aloof and sarcastic personality. Harbors a particular hatred for those who live in The Heavens.


CV. Furukawa Makoto

Despite his blunt personality, Adage is a talented and attentive doctor, and has earned the love of the people around him.

Born in the Heights, he was sent into criminal exile in the Depths and now lives on the edge of the district managed by the HOUNDS.

Ines Heinrich Heine

CV. Kimishima Tetsu

The sub-leader of HOUNDS. Though he is popular, he is also rather earnest and serious, causing him to stand out from the other members of the HOUNDS, who are known for their ruthless nature.

Yune Sekiei

CV. Takase Yasuyuki

The young Priest revered in the Heights, said to have been blessed by God.
Capable of being a solemn, awe-inspiring figure, the young man known as Yune the Saint can also come across as childish and prone to laughing.

Fin Euclase

CV. Shingaki Tarusuke

A low-ranked police officer and Cyrus’ co-worker and partner. He and Cyrus are very close and it appears that his feelings for her are more than just platonic.

What he lacks in physical strength, he more than makes up for with his kind and gentle nature.

Cyrus Tistella

The Heroine

A Rank One police officer, Cyrus was born in the Heights and has lived there all her life.

Dignified, serious, and hard-working, she strives to protect people and to do the right thing, and there are times when her unwavering sense of justice creates conflict with those around her.

Her observation of the Depths is part of a larger mission.

Additional elements in the Steam Prison Nintendo Switch port

◆New Character Songs for Best Ends, with newly added closing credits.

◆New Switch Edition Opening Theme “Brilliance”, with new video sequence, performed by the 6 dateable characters.(PC and PS Vita Opening Themes can be viewed from the Video Playback Mode.)

◆Short story “Wedding Eve” added in Novel Mode for immersive experience!

◆Japanese, English and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) options are available for display language.

Character Theme Songs Digest

Game Screenshots

For more details about Steam Prison visit the Official HuneX site. To keep up with the latest news straight from HuneX, be sure to follow their Twitter account: @HuneX_info_EN

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