5 Otome Games That Made Me Cry

I like to think that I’m not a gal that cries easily. Sure, I’m human, I get emotional sometimes, but it takes a lot to get me to actually cry, and not just a few stray tears, but like ugly cry. A story so heartbreakingly beautiful that you can’t help but let all your emotions just spill over.

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So, I did some thinking and I came up with a list of five games that hit me deep in the feels and had me bawling like a baby! Now, it’s not just one route or one character with a tragic backstory… no, the whole game is one emotional gut punch after another! So, grab your Kleenex and get ready for five otome games that made me cry…

ayakashi gohan title

Ayakashi Gohan

For the most part Ayakashi Gohan is just a sweet heartwarming game about a young girl and her found family of local Ayakashi sharing delicious meals together… and then it hit’s you with the mother of all whammys. Now, I won’t spoil it for you, because once you know the truth, you can’t really go back—but, let me tell you it is a tearjerker.  It hits you right in the feels and will have you straight up ugly crying. On top of that all of the LIs have their fair share of tragedies in their past, including the recently orphaned heroine—everyone in this game just needs a big hug!

re birthday

Re:Birthday Song

Re:Birthday Song is a game about teen shinigami in training learning to come to terms with their deaths and “life” in the here after… so it’s a given that there are going to be a few sad moments. The waterworks really start when you delve into the previous lives of each of the characters and the circumstances surrounding their deaths. Some of these guys had it ROUGH, and just when you think you’re ready for anything the game hits you with another heartbreaking story.



Cheritz has a thing for tragic stories, just look at Dandelion and even Mystic Messenger has its fair share of heartbreaking revelations. But, for me, Nameless has to be the biggest emotional gut punch of them all! In the game you play as a young woman who collects ball jointed dolls, things take a turn for the surreal, when her dolls suddenly come to life—complete with all their memories from when they were just dolls. And, trust me their lives as dolls were not easy, some of them were downright painful and they carry that baggage with them in their new human lives.

world without you

A World With(out) You

What would you do if the person you loved died unexpectedly? That’s exactly the predicament you find yourself in in Voltage’s fantasy romance game A World With(out) You, where you play as a young woman forced to come to terms with the death of her lover/crush. You would think that would be the end of it, but then the guy’s spirit comes back to take care of some unfinished business you are now faced with the prospect of getting more time with him… TALK ABOUT A TEARJERKER! I ugly cried while playing this game. You know what’s coming and yet you just can’t avoid the feels and damnit if Voltage doesn’t make it HURT!

I know there is enough heartbreak out there in the world, but maybe you can find some comfort in one of the titles on this list. Also, I want to hear from you guys—What are some games you’ve played that had you shedding a few tears?

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10 thoughts on “5 Otome Games That Made Me Cry

  1. Surprised to not see the biggest example for me – Hakuouki! I’m nowhere near complete but gosh, some of the awful things these guys have gone through has already left my heart breaking in concern, and I’m deeply worried about some of the tragic ends people often tell me about… 😥
    Also: Because We’re Here!! It’s a given that a game about World War One would be depressing but fuck, the game does such a GOOD job making you care about these characters even though you know it might end in heartbreak. I’m happy that my favourite two guys are still alive at the end of act II but others haven’t been so lucky, including one I honestly expected to never die 😦 And every single one of these tragic events did make me want to cry… Yet I still really can recommended – one of my absolute top favourite indie games I’ve ever played!

    1. Ah, yes… Hakuoki was definitely an emotional game.

      Because We’re Here is on my list, I really wanna play it!! Gaaaah maybe this is just the push I need to play it!

  2. Great post!! I cry really easily so I tend to avoid titles or stories that makes me cry a lot but if I remember correctly, SCM Huedhaut’s made me cry a little 🙁 and I don’t dare to try AWWY at all! Haha! I know it will leave me crying so I didn’t read it at all D:

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