Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #57

Hey there Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs, it’s once again that special time of the week—Thrifty Thursday!

In a world where it’s all about the almighty dollar, sometimes it’s a little tough to make our pennies stretch enough to accommodate our hobbies. But, there are plenty of ways to balance your budget while still enjoying the things you love, you just have to be a little thrifty about it. So, I created Thrifty Gaming in order to spotlight some lesser known indie titles that are both entertaining an affordable.

If you’re a new follower or someone who has been following since my Nice Job Breaking It Hero days and have been gone for awhile, here’s a refresher… Thrifty Gaming, is a weekly post series where I spotlight three games/visual novels that are under $10.00. These can be mobile games, PC games, and a few times I have found some nice indie console titles too. The list used to focus on just otome games and romance visual novels, but after requests from a few readers I have since expanded to other gaming genres. I don’t include sales or limited time offers, each title has to be consistently priced at $10.00 or less without any promotions to be included in this line up.


Note, these are not reviews, rather recommendations so your mileage may vary with some of these titles. This week’s post will include a brief synopsis and links to each game so you can add them to your gaming library! You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your hobbies, so save a little bread and check this week’s thrifty gaming picks!

Six Cats Under.png

Six Cats Under (2020) Team Bean Loop

Cost: Free

Windows, Mac, & Linux (Browser & Download)

You died. Your unfinished business? The fate of your many cats!


Six Cats Under is a short point-and-click puzzle game developed by Team Bean Loop. In the game you play as a recently deceased cat owner, who must rescue your herd of cats by directing them with your poltergeist powers. The game can be played either from your browser or via download and takes roughly a half hour to complete.

Ever Forward

Ever Forward Prologue (2020) Pathea Games

Cost: Free


A girl trapped in a strange world somewhere between reality and imagination. Help her find her way in this adventure puzzle game.


Ever Forward is a 3D puzzle game developed by Pathea Games—this prologue serves as a standalone introduction to the final version of the game which will be released July 2020. Follow a young girl as she explores an imaginative world full of unique puzzles—8 in total.

Gloom Hunchback Studios.png

Gloom (2017) Hunchback Studios

Cost: $9.99


Afflicted by severe amnesia, you drift deep into the Common Dream. You scour for the lost pages of the Necronomicon, while clinging on to any little purpose you have left. Faced with mad dreamers, horrible abominations and eldritch deities, you feel drawn to the dark Abyss deep within.


Gloom is a roguelike action platformer developed by Hunchback Studios. Battle your way through a dark and grey landscape taking down opponents using a wide array of weapons and items. Gloom utilizes a permadeath system, so you will need to manage your stamina as you make your way through the various levels of the game.

Ballin' on a budget.png

That’s it for this week’s thrifty buys, but, don’t worry I’ll have more titles for in next week’s post, so be on the look out for that next Thursday! But, if all that extra money you saved is burning a hole in your pocket and you just can’t wait for next week’s list, definitely check out some of my previous Thrifty Gaming posts, there are tons of games for gamers who like me are ballin’ on a budget!

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7 thoughts on “Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #57

  1. Six Cats under, the way you described it reminded me a bit of Ghost Trick, Phantom Detective! I loved that game so I will check this one out as well!

    1. I had the same thought when I saw it too! I actually had Ghost Trick on this week’s list… and then I checked and I covered it awhile ago XD

  2. I’m really looking forward on Ever Forward getting a switch release(I think they announced it during the NG+Expo couple of days ago). The game premise looks really interesting! ..and Six Cats Under looks really cute! I will have to check this out! Thanks for this post!

    1. The art looks great and the premise is pretty cool. Six Cats Under is very cute, a lot of people have commented that it’s like Ghost Trick (which I loved)

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