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Hey Guys! Right now I’m going on 2 1/2 months at home and it has been an experience. I like not having to brave the DC metro to get to work, but I miss the face to face interactions I had with my coworkers and friends… Earlier this month my job told us to expect to be teleworking until July, so I still have a bit more time at home ahead of me. Though, one silverlining is that I’ve had a lot of extra time to power through my backlog! Yay…

I’m currently powering through the NaNoRenO 2020 submissions, but there are over 100 of them, so it’s a pretty big undertaking (and I most likely won’t get through them all). There are some really great games among this year’s submissions so I highly recommend checking a few out! When I’m not playing those I have an ever changing list of ongoing game playthroughs that I’ve been tackling….

Kitty Love Otome

Kitty Love Way to Look for Love

I’m back on the Kitty Love train. DIGIMERCE sent me a review copy of the game awhile ago and while I did play it and write a review about it… I wasn’t exactly forgiving about its many many MANY shortcomings. The first time I played it with a friend and we spent the majority of the time making fun of the characters and the grammatical errors… and while I didn’t really like the game at the time, I did enjoy the social aspect of playing an otome game with a friend.

Some time has passed since my initial playthrough, so I decided to give Kitty Love a second chance and… it’s not nearly as bad as I first thought. In fact, I am actually really enjoying the game as a whole. Granted, it’s not the best otome game I’ve ever played, but it’s cute. The premise is interesting—a young woman gets a curse placed on her that forces her to transform into a cat every night and the curse can only be broken by a kiss from her true love… a la Snow White. Lucky for Honoka she’s surrounded by five hotties. I stand by what I said in my original review, Kitty Love is a cute game that gets bogged down by it’s messy English translation, but it’s enjoyable enough for a lazy Sunday afternoon…

Night in the Woods Game

Night in the Woods

This is one of those indie games that was really popular a few years ago, but like always I’m late to the party, so I’m just getting around to playing it now. Night in the Woods follows Mae, a college dropout who returns to her hometown to find that quite a few things have changed. We follow her through her day to day activities, exploring the town of Possum Springs, hanging out with friends, and completing fun missions/side quests. I’ve played a few adventure games in the past, so I am familiar with the concept, but what I didn’t expect was just much this game has to offer!

It does have a branching story kind of like a visual novel, but instead of feeling like I’m being pushed into preset outcomes, Night in the Woods gives players a chance to craft their own experience—which makes for a much more chill gameplay style. In fact, the whole game is really chill. The characters act a lot like people we’ve all probably met in our lives, and there’s kind of a nostalgic undertone to the story and Mae’s interactions with friends and family. I went to a university pretty far away from my hometown and I can tell you that first summer being home was definitely something else—lots of growing pains… I’m not really in a rush to finish Night in the Woods, but I do recommend giving it a try if you have the chance.

Ozmafia banner


So when I told one of my otome friends that I was giving OZMAFIA a second shot she was genuinely surprised, because I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about playing it after my first playthrough of Axel’s route. Don’t get me wrong, I love Axel, he is one of my otome husbandos. But, the length of the individual routes and the obligatory triangle/rival storylines of the OZ mafia routes makes OZMAFIA a bit of a hassle to get through… so it took me awhile to store up enough energy to play it again. But, it is a cool concept, I mean who doesn’t romance fairytale characters re-imagined as mafioso?!

This time around I went for Caramia, and while he is really sweet, I may have “accidentally” dumped him for Axel after the conclusion of the triangle route. For those of you unfamiliar with OZMAFIA, it has a unique feature where the two OZ characters with the highest affection scores will trigger a love triangle scenario! Based on your choices during this section, you will either continue romancing the love interest you’re already dating or drop him for a new love interest. This is only available for the OZ routes and trust me it can get a tedious, since you have to achieve EVERY ending to get the True Ending. I am in no rush to finish the game, this is just a game I play when I have nothing else to do…

My Hero One's Justice

My Hero: One’s Justice

So anyone that knows me knows that I am a serial button masher when it comes to fighting games. In fact it’s a point of pride when I manage to beat someone who spent hours learning combos and attacks by spamming one super effective move. And I will admit that I only got My Hero One’s Justice because I like My Hero Academia and it was significantly discounted in the Nintendo eShop ($19.00 for a game that’s normally $59.99… sign me up).

I didn’t expect to like this game as much as I do, but it’s actually really fun! I can kind of zone out after work and just button mash my way through the various fights and matches, while working my way through the story mode. Mind you, I get my ass handed to me more times than not by the CPU fighters, and during that All Might fight I got really into it, yelling at my screen when All Might hit me with 50 hit combo… -_- But, it is what it is… I eked out a win in the end. I did have to stop playing for a bit, because the game was spoiling the anime for me, but I think I’m far enough ahead to keep playing again…


So, yeah, those are the games I’ve been playing recently as always, it’s random as hell, but they’ve been keeping me occupied during my time in isolation… well that and the nonsense that is 90 Day Fiance. I’ve got a four day weekend coming up, so I expect to get more gaming done, but like everything during the pandemic, we’re all just kind of playing things by ear.

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  1. these are all games I have been curious about for a while and I am definitely going to give Night in the Woods a go eventually it has been on the back burner for me for a while, just want to finish Naked Butlers before I start another new game

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