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I know it’s been a while since the last 5 Games Like… post, but I wanted to get through Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly and Collar x Malice just in case one of them won the poll. And wouldn’t you know it, Collar x Malice swept the Twitter poll! Thanks to everyone that participated and for those of you that missed out, check out my twitter for the next poll.


The last time I wrote a list of 5 Otome Games Like Steam Prison and this week I’m bringing you guys a list of 5 otome games like Collar x Malice. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Collar x Malice is a detective mystery otome game that was published in Japan by Idea Factory under their Otomate brand of games in 2016. The following year in 2017, Aksys Games released an English language localization of the game for the PS Vita. Collar x Malice follows a rookie police officer who is unwittingly drawn into a series of gruesome crimes when she is kidnapped and collared by the terrorist organization, Adonis. It’s a race against the clock and failure isn’t an option, with her life on the line and the fate of the city hanging in the balance, Ichika must team up with a group five strangers, some of which are former police officers, in order to uncover the truth behind the X-Day Incidents and Adonis.

Unlike most otome games that focus more on romance, Collar x Malice offers a more story driven narrative that’s more in line with a suspense thriller or an investigative adventure game. This is my favorite otome localization so far, and you can bet I’ll be getting Collar x Malice: Unlimited when it comes out next year. But, in the meantime if you’re like me and you’re looking for games similar to Collar x Malice, here are five game titles that are sure to hit the spot! I tried to go with games that have the same feel as Collar x Malice and not so much a play by play clone of the game. So, they’re not exactly the same, but, they definitely capture the spirit of the game.

Root Letter.jpg

Root Letter – Kadokawa Games

Where to Play: PS4 |PS Vita | Steam 

This game is kind of reminds me a little of the anime Orange, in that the protagonist receives a mysterious letter that sets the events of the story in motion. The protagonist receives a letter from his old pen pal Aya, 15 years after her mysterious disappearance. The letter reveals some shocking secrets about Aya that make him question whether or not he really knew anything about his old pen pal. Wanting to know the truth, he sets out to her hometown in Matsue, to investigate using the clues from her letters as his guide.

While this isn’t an otome game, it’s mystery heavy storyline and the protagonist’s attempts to unravel the truth behind Aya’s disappearance is very similar to the investigations Ichika performs in Collar x Malice. You can search for clues, interrogate people, and present new evidence, as you unravel a murder mystery that spans 15 years. There are also 5 vastly different endings that add new layers to the story and the ongoing mystery.


Nicole – Winter Wolves

Where to Play: Windows, Mac, Linux | Steam

Nicole is making a return from the London Detective Mysteria list and for good reason, like Ichika, the protagonist of this game spends her time investigating a series of incidents plaguing her new university. Though, instead of murders, Nicole is looking into a series of mysterious disappearances and it’s up to her to find out what happened to them before she becomes the culprit’s next victim.

Winter Wolves games can be a bit hit or miss, what with the intense life simulator stats raising elements, and Nicole is not an exception. However, stats raising aside, there are some really fun aspects to the game make for an enjoyable experience overall.

Her Love in the Force.jpg

Her Love in the Force – Voltage Inc. 

Where to Play: App Store | Google Play

Voltage games were my first love and even after the move to Love 365 and the Otome Romance rebranding, I still recommend their games to newbie gamers. They have a great variety of titles and the stories follow the same basic format so their perfect for folks looking for a more chill gaming experience. Now, they have two police themed games Her Love in the Force and Metro PD: Close to You and yet they both have very distinct feels to them. In HLITF, the MC is a recent graduate of the police academy and spends most of the first half of the game learning the ins and outs of being an officer, which is not unlike the way the guys train Ichika on the basics of investigating a case.

However, unlike Collar x Malice, this game spends equal time on the romance aspects of the relationship between the MC and her chosen partner, so it feels more like an otome game. There’s more of a focus on the training than actual “police work” which I quite like, since CxM just kind of throws you into the action without much warning. So, if you’re looking for something with a bit of action and a lot of romance, this is the game for you! Also for OG Voltage fans this is a kind of alternate reality spin-off of My Sweet Bodyguard!

Metro PD Close to You.png

Metro PD: Close To You – Voltage Inc. 

Where to Play: App Store | Google Play

So, full disclosure, I played Metro PD: Close to You before Her Love in the Force and of the two, I like this game WAAAAAAAAY more! Where HLITF focuses more on the MC’s training and “romance” with her instructor/partner, Metro PD delves into actual police work! In this game the MC is a rookie detective, albeit in a rural precinct where the toughest case is finding a missing wallet or maybe taking down a Peeping Tom… But, all that changes when she is transferred to the Metropolitan Police Department’s elite 2nd Unit! Now she’s expected to work real cases with the best of the best as she attempts to prove she has what it takes to be a member of the Metro PD!

I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS GAME and I ADORE ALL THE CHARACTERS! Each route features a different case that is specific to that love interest and while it’s probably the most accurate portrayal of police work it is a hell of a lot of fun! This game does a great job of balancing the romance with the actual police work, which is something Collar x Malice struggled with in some routes. If you had to play any of the games on this list, I highly recommend taking this one for a spin!

Side Kicks.png

Side Kicks – Extend Toybox Inc.

Where to Play:

Right, so I don’t usually include games that aren’t available in English, since spoiler alert I most likely haven’t played them. But, I remember seeing this one floating around and after reading some reviews about the game, it seems like Side Kicks is very similar to Collar x Malice and I totally want to play it if it ever gets localized.


Side Kicks: a newly established special investigation bureau within the Sakrada Police Force, located in California, designed to heighten the security of Sakrada City with their unique style of thinking and individual skill. Currently seeking additional members.

A city in California, USA — Sakrada. In recent years, the spread of a highly addictive drug, ‘Lipcode’, has been causing several issues in the sunny, quiet city located on the West Coast. In order to control cases like this, the Sakrada Police Force established a new organisation — a special investigation bureau made up of members with unique styles of thinking and their idiosyncratic skills, known as the Side Kicks.

Chika, who has exceptional athletic talent.
Hibari, the profiler who possesses a way with words.
Shishiba, the quiet hacker prodigy.
Rico, gifted with photographic memory.
Tatewaki, the leader in charge of the four.

The special investigation bureau has become well-known in the city for its ground-breaking investigation methods that are unlike anything ever seen before.

One day, the heroine Inori is scouted as a new member of Side Kicks. The skill she possesses…is the mysterious ability of clairvoyant dreams.

Official Synopsis

Investigate these great titles!!

I absolutely love Collar x Malice, and each of these games will definitely get those investigative juices flowing! So, whether your looking for a mystery to solve or hoping to live out your own police fantasies, one of these games is sure to satisfy your cravings!! In the case of Side Kicks, it seems we’ll just have to wait and see if it makes its way Stateside one of these days…

Here’s where I turn things over to you guys! Have you played Collar x Malice? Which character is your favorite? Are there any other otome games similar to CxM that I missed?

Also, thanks to everyone that participated in the Twitter poll! I’ll do another one for the next post. I want to make this a regular thing, so if you have any suggestions let me know what they are down in the comments section. As always, thank you for reading!!

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  1. Just wanted to point out that Root Letter is getting an updated version released in a couple of weeks for PS4/Switch. It includes additional chapters and a live action pictures option. Might be worth waiting for anyone interested in the game.

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