Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #26


Hello all you wonderful Heroes and Travelers, it’s Thrifty Thursday and that means another Thrifty Gaming post, the weekly post series where I spotlight three games/visual novels for gamers on a budget. Whatever your financial situation, I’m here to bring you affordable games that won’t break the bank!! All of the games on this list are $10 or less (does not include limited time offers and sale items), so no more weepy wallets!


This week’s post will include links to the games and a brief synopsis, but let me stress that these are not reviews, but recommendations… so your mileage may vary! Now that that’s out of the way lets get on to this week’s list!!

Dangerous Fellows.jpeg

Dangerous Fellows (2018)- LucyDream

Cost: FREE

Android | IOS 

A sudden outbreak of an unknown virus has destroyed the entire world.
Most of the people has turned into horrendous, blood-seeking zombies……….

As I was trying to escape from a deadly attack by the zombie,
I was miraculously saved by some strangers-five attractive fellows.

They’ve been concealing themselves safely in a school building with other survivors.

……But, is this place really safe for us?

Can we all survive from this bizarre catastrophe?

Find out the shocking ending of a romance thriller
that you’ve never experienced before!

Synopsis (Game Site)

Dangerous Fellows is a free to play supernatural fantasy mobile game from Korean developer LucyDream. There are five male love interests to choose from: Harry, Zion, Lawrence, Eugene, and Ethan. Like most free to play games, players need Rubies and Story Tickets for advancing the story, for making premium choices that unlock special scenes between you and your chosen love interest, and for purchasing items. You can also collect puzzle pieces to unlock memories that reveal more about the story. There are a handful of additional features such as dressing up your in-game MC avatar, giving gifts to love interests, and helping repair the school.

missed messages.png

missed messages- (2019)- Angela He

Cost: Free (Pay What You Want)

Windows, Mac, Linux

“goth gf’s iPhone” airdrops you a photo.

Accept or decline?

A romance / horror story about life, death, and memes. A shift in perspective can change everything.

Synopsis (Game Site)

missed messages is a short artistic horror, LGBT positive visual novel. There are four distinct endings with each playthrough taking between 15 – 30 minutes. Point and click through environments for clues while also making meaningful in-game choices that help advance the plot. Warning this game contains mentions of suicide and self-harm, which may be triggering for some players.



Brassica – A Marry Tale (2018)- Boys Laugh +

Cost: $5.00

Windows, Mac, Linux

Three princes are sent on a dangerous journey in order to marry the princess of a neighboring kingdom. But is this really how it is going to end?
What about the princess, doesn’t she have a say in this matter?

Watch the story of these royals unfold and change its outcome.
Because for every political marriage, there might very well be a (gay) alternative…

Synopsis (Game Site)

Brassica: A Marry Tale is an ongoing episodic BxB fantasy visual novel. Right now only the first two Acts are available. The team will release the remaining acts over the course of the next few months. The average playthrough time for each Act is roughly 30 minutes.

Ballin' on a budget.png

That’s it for this week’s thrifty buys, but, don’t worry I’ll have more titles for in next week’s post, so be on the look out for that next ThursdayBut, if all that extra money you saved is burning a hole in your pocket and you just can’t wait for next week’s list, definitely check out some of my previous Thrifty Gaming posts, there are tons of games for gamers who like me are ballin’ on a budget!

So what did you think of this week’s Thrifty Gamer post? Are you planning on checking out any of these games or have you already played them? Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like what you see, like this post or follow Blerdy Otome! As always THANK YOU FOR READING!!

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    1. It’s pretty good, really chill for a free to play game, no big events or anything, but it is hard af to get tickets for the nightwatch events

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