Let’s Show Our Support for When the Shutter Stops!!


Hey hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs, I’m back with another crowd funding campaign!! There’s a Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming mystery detective visual novel, When the Shutter Stops that I think you guys should definitely check out! There are less than a month left in the campaign and they need a little help hitting their goal! The campaign ends on October 23rd, 2018!

For those of you new, here, Let’s Show Our Support posts highlight current crowdfunding campaigns for indie games (usually VNs and OELVNs). I give you guys the basic rundown of the game and the perks of supporting the game’s campaign, as well as links to all the relevant game related pages and sites.

I am a sucker for detective and investigative adventure games, and When the Shutter Stops definitely puts me in the mind of adventure games like Cing’s Hotel Dusk series and Capcom’s Ace Attorney franchise. And then the Kickstarter page even compares the game to the classic noir film The Maltese Falcon and one of my all time favorite films Chinatown, so let’s just say I am more than a little hyped to see this project become a reality!

About the Game

When the Shutter Stops is an upcoming modern noir detective visual novel, developed by Remort Studios. The game follows a former child detective Priscilla “Pri” Vate as she attempts to put a recently released serial killer back behind bars, after his conviction is suddenly overturned.

Meet Priscilla “Pri” Vate. Where most child prodigies show off at school and on TV, Pri put her skills to work as Philadelphia’s youngest private eye. She saw things most kids never imagine and was unfazed by the filth in the world around her…until one case hit too close and ended her career. 

But like the stench of the city, the life of a Philadelphia detective never completely washes off. A decade after the infamous Dart Killer case, Pri–now working as a family photographer–finds out that the man she locked away is set to be released on new evidence. 

She must return to the streets to solve the case that put her out of commission, once and for all. But the city has changed in the past ten years, and so has Pri. Can she get to the bottom of a case everyone thinks is closed in time to keep a murderer from striking again?

Synopsis (Kickstarter Campaign Page)

When the Shutter Stops is 10-hour mystery adventure, promising to take players on an immersive investigative journey along with Pri and wide array of colorful characters. While the game isn’t strictly a romance, there are two optional romance paths for players to pursue as they attempt to crack the case and put a convicted serial killer back behind bars. Investigate the case, interrogate witnesses, and uncover evidence to close the case for good!

Game Features

When the Shutter Stops is a commercial release ($25.00 USD upon release, though supporting at the $20 level gets you the game at a discount) and will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition to it’s multi platform release, the game boasts a number of great features that set WTSS apart from other games on the market.

10 Hours of Immersive Gameplay

When the Shutter Stops offers a mid-length gameplay experience with 10-hours of immersive game play and an expansive storyline. There are four unique paths, each with their own branching paths and THREE distinct endings per route. In addition to the mystery and detective elements there are also two optional romance paths for players to pursue.

Interactive Story Elements

In the vein of games like Ace Attorney and Hotel Dusk players have three distinct ways to interact with other characters:

  • Investigation Segments, in which the player can interact with various environments for clues. Search a crime scene, explore various locales around Philadelphia… WTSS Investigation.png
  • Interrogationslike any good detective you’ll need to interact with other characters to gather clues about your case. These non linear branching interactions might just make or break your case so carefully question witnesses, victims, and even suspects. WTSS Interrogation.jpg
  • Standard Visual Novel Choices, of course, what would a visual novel be without a few choices?! Make decisions and answer questions that will help guide your gaming experience. WTSS VN Questions.jpeg

Expressive Character Sprites, Partial Voice Acting and Animated Backgrounds

In order to bring the world of the game to life, all of the backgrounds used in the game are animated and represent real life locations throughout Philadelphia.

The final release will also feature partial voice acting at the beginning and ends of each chapter as well as expressive character sprites to help bring the characters of the game to life!

Original OST

The game features an original soundtrack developed by Dale North of Scarlet Moon Productions. Each track evokes a gritty film noir feel that is perfect for When the Shutter Stops.

Pledging Perks

Remort Studios has set their campaign at a $10,000 USD funding goal and they still have a ways to go before they meet it. There are a number of perks for supporting the Kickstarter campaign and a wide range of pledge tiers for just about every price range! Below are some of the perks you can expect if you decide to lend your support!

  • Name in the Credits
  • Wallpaper of Choice (Digital and Print)
  • When the Shutter Stops digital game 
  • Digital OST
  • Design the Graffiti that appears in the game
  • Character Keycharms
  • Special Sketches
  • Autographed Physical Copy of the Game
  • Cameo in the game
  • Standard and Limited Edition Physical Copy of the game
  • …and more!

Where to Find Remort Studios

If you still aren’t convinced to support this game, I highly recommend checking out the demo. Like the final release, the demo is available for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Download the game from the itch.io page: HERE

I urge you to PLEASE check out the Kickstarter campaign, HERE, and lend your support. There is still time left for the campaign and every little bit helps! The various price tiers come with some nice goodies so definitely check them out!

You can also contact Remort Studios on Social Media through the following channels:

If you can’t help out monetarily, SHARE this post or the Kickstarter page on social media and spread the word! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!


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