[KuroTsuki Day 2018] My 11 Favorite KuroTsuki FanFics!!

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It’s 1/11 and that means it’s KuroTsuki Day!! Awww yeah, it’s finally my time to shine!! As many of you that don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Haikyuu, but did you also know that I am a supporter of the Kuroo Tetsurou/ Tsukishima Kei ship?! Well, if you didn’t you’ve been living under a rock, since fellow blogger Kat (GrimmGirl.com) and I have a bit of a friendly rivalry going on, she supports TsukiYama, while I support the far superior ship KuroTsuki…. there have been many a Twitter battle dedicated to these ships. But, that’s neither here nor there, since my ship is obviously the best! #ShotsFired  #KuroTsuki4Lyfe I kid…

So, in honor of this magical day, I am going to share eleven of my favorite Kuroo x Tsukishima fanfics in hopes of swaying some of you over to the dark side!

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But, seriously, I really like this ship, so I hope you guys will enjoy these fics as much as I did (and still do)! So let’s get this show on the road shall we! (links are in the titles)

Defining Forever by haeyoon

Length: 1 chapter

Summary: Tsukishima had believed that forever meant the two of them, for the rest of their lives. As it turns out, however, forever doesn’t always work that way.


Y’all, this one is sad, like really, really sad, but it’s just so beautifully written, I just had to include it on this list! This fic is told through a series of flashbacks that take the reader through the ups and downs of Kuroo and Tsukishima’s relationship. With each memory that is recalled the reader is given an overwhelming sense of forboding culminating in one hell of an emotional punch in the gut. I will admit, this fic made me cry…

*There is a major character death, so if you are uncomfortable with the idea of death or loss, you might want to skip this one*

Beautiful Disaster by Harky21

Length: 12 chapters

Summary: “He’s down. Down so deep he’s not even sure what the sun looks like anymore. He thought things were getting better, looking up. He’d gotten into the top university in the country, he had a love life for once in his short existence, his brother was going to be close by, but of course that couldn’t last, not for Tsukishima Kei. No, something always had to slip up.” In which Kei passes a bakery everyday and finally decides to go in and ends up meeting the one slip-up who didn’t slip.


I am a sucker for angsty fics with musical themes… and this fic has both in spades. Each chapter is named after a song that sets the tone for the events that occur in that chapter and it’s a really cool technique. When I read this I found myself looking up each song so that I could listen while I read and the effect was phenomenal!! This fic is kinda angsty, with both Kuroo and Tsukishima having deal with some serious past demons. But, in the end their friendship and eventual romantic relationship helps them heal, though it’s anything but smooth sailing.

Invictus by Chiru

Length: 12 chapters

Summary: Tsukishima is tired of Yamaguchi trying to hook him up with girls, so he convinces Kuroo to pretend to be his long distance boyfriend. 

It’s a fake dating AU, what can I say? It goes just as you’d expect one of these to go, the relationship starts off as a lie, but somewhere along the line someone catches feelings. But, what I love about Invictus, is that part of the story is told through chat messages between Kuroo and Tsukishima and while you’d think this would detract from the story, these messages actually add more substance to their relationship. Plus, I really like their witty back and forth.

Categories by melliejellie

Summary: Tsukishima Kei puts everyone in his life into categories – family, teammates, friends, and others. For so long, “friend” had only contained one person, Yamaguchi, but now Kuroo is in there, too. Except, Kuroo is pushing every boundary of that category and Kei realizes that as uncomfortable as it makes him, it might be okay. There will be ups and (some major) downs with these two functionally dysfunctional boys, but they’ll make it.


I read this one just recently and I could not put it down! It takes place after the Tokyo training camp in season 2, with Kuroo and Tsukishima still keeping in contact albeit sporadically. For the majority of the fic they are in this ambiguous middle ground between friendship and friends with benefits, and things only become more strained when Kuroo heads off to college and Tsukki attempts to move on with his life. It’s a bit of an uphill battle for both of them, but the conclusion was worth it. Plus there’s a bit of DaiSuga in there for fans of that ship.

xiv by ronan 

Length: 1 chapter (with mini episodes)

Summary: Tsukishima and Kuroo raise a plant together. 

Okay, so I purposely wrote the summary that way, because honestly there was no way I could write it that would perfectly summarize how truly beautiful this fic is… so I settled on bare bones. Honestly, the fic is really just about Tsukki and Kuroo raising a plant together, the story unfolding over an unspecified period of time, with each episode spotlighting an intimate moment between the pair. But, what really makes this fic so amazing is that the author decided to make Tsukishima aromantic. The level of care put into describing how that affected their relationship was out of this world, it isn’t sugarcoated or downplayed at all, and I love every minute of it!

Show Me Colours of the Sky by 月島 蛍 (Loki_Likey_Thor_Odinson) 

Length: 12 chapters, ongoing

Summary: In a world with a hierarchy, Tsukishima never thought he would be an omega, sitting snug at the bottom.

His world is dark, grey and he wants his soul mate. He wants to see colour for the first time; he doesn’t even care if it means his whole life has to go on hold so he can be with his soul mate – more than likely an alpha.

He just wants to belong in a world that’s so hard to find a place in.

Going through his first heat, and struggling with high school, Tsukishima is scared he’ll never find his place… until a practice match.


You guys know how I feel about ongoing series of any kind, but, I am a sucker for Soulmates AUs… so, I found myself picking this up despite my initial reservations. Most of you also know how I feel about the TsukiYama ship, and I will admit that for the first time in my life, I kind of felt bad that Yamaguchi didn’t get to be with Tsukki (I will never admit that again, so take your blackmail screenshots now).

So, in this fic when a person comes into contact with their soulmate they start seeing color… Yamaguchi can see in color, but Tsukki can’t, that is until he sees Kuroo at the training camp… enter heartbroken Yamaguchi. To add insult to injury, the author wrote a side Yamaguchi POV story to go with this one and I swear to God, it makes the whole thing 10x more tragic.

The Last Red Scribble by doggoneit

Length: 2 chapters

Summary:  Single dad Tsukishima accidentally sends a text to a complete stranger instead of his brother. What follows is a cute back and forth between Tsukki and this mysterious telephone man. 

This is just all around a fun fic, Tsukki accidentally sends a text to the wrong number, rather than ending there, Kuroo keeps the conversation going and strangely enough Tsukki doesn’t object. They don’t actually meet face to face in this fic, instead their relationship unfolds through a series of texts and one or two phone conversations, and oddly enough it kid of works. Also Kageyama is Tsukki’s four year old son in this one, and it fits…

Control: Adventures in the Haikyuu!! Omegaverse Series by madamemalfoy21 

Length: 23 works (each with anywhere between 1-4 chapters)

Summary: This is a multi-work omegaverse fic following the various exploits of various pairings in the Haikyuu universe. The main pairings include: IwaOi, KageHina, BokuAka, and of course KuroTsuki!


Not only was this the fic that finally got me interested in the IwaOi ship, but all the pairings and their individual interconnected storylines are handled well. But, I’d be lying if that was the reason I picked up this fic… I was really only there KuroTsuki, but I stayed for the fantastic writing. Each relationship has it’s own issues and they are dealt with accordingly… just go read it, now!

So let’s make this situation more difficult than it needs to be by Lillabelle 

Length: 14 chapters

Summary: Tsukishima wants to meet his soulmate, Kuroo on the other hand thinks that the universe can’t tell him what to do. (There’s a bit of Kenhina throughout the story as well at Bokuaka, but the main focus is Kurotsuki).


It’s all in the title with this one, Tsukki wants to meet his soulmate and Kuroo, being the rebellious teen that he is isn’t about to fall in line, then again, neither is Tsukki when he finds out who his soulmate really is…

But, what I love about this fic is the way soulmates can communicate with one another without ever having met, simply by writing on themselves. Whatever one writes on themselves immediately appears on the other, and can’t be removed until the original writer washes it off… Hilarity abound! Of course it isn’t without a bit of drama, but for the most part this is just a really fun fic about two dorks falling in love with their soulmate.

Not A Regular Omega by TeaLovingTooru 

Length: 16 chapters


I’ve never really considered myself to be like a regular omega.

In which, Tsukishima has a problem with authority figures.

Or: Kuroo punches a dude in the face for him. He falls in love.


In the omegaverse omegas are seen as small docile individuals, the exact opposite of our favorite salty middle blocker, but when Kuroo intervenes on his behalf, Tsukki starts singing a different tune. The fic follows the couple from their awkward first encounter through their courtship, all the way to babies ever after (it’s omegaverse afterall). And while you know how things are going to wrap up, you can’t help but go along for the ride, the ups and downs just serve to make the final resolution all the more satisfying!!

Also, the author wrote another fic following the relationship between Kuroo and Tsukki’s children and Kageyama and Hinata’s kids…. it’s worth checking out!

Return to Sender by mousapelli

Length: 9 chapters

Summary: After training camp, Tsukishima starts getting packages from Nekoma’s Kuroo, and somehow it turns into a thing that Tsukishima doesn’t think is strange at all.


Last, but not least is a super cute fic about the long distance courtship of Kuroo and Tsukishima and it is just as adorable as you’d imagine! Cute gift exchanging, Tsukki denying his feelings and Kuroo being a romantic dork, this fic is everything I love about KuroTsuki all in one neat little package!!

And there it is my super special awesome KuroTsuki Day post!! I hope you liked it, and be sure to check out some of these fics, they are simply to die for! Until next time, and as always, THANK YOU FOR READING!!! 

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