Fangirl Moment: Kuroo Tetsurou

Hey Hey all you wonderful Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs! It’s Friday and that means another Fangirl Moments post, the series where I fangirl over anything and everything, from anime and manga to movies and books, everything up for grabs!

Last week, I covered the animated Netflix series, Voltron: Legendary Defender, so if you missed that post definitely check it out!! This week I’m doing things a little differently, instead of covering a form of media, I’m going to talk about a specific character and instead of doing a character analysis, I’m going to do a Top 5 list, because *whispers* I’m writing this from my work computer and my supervisor is coming into the office to shadow…. and this post is kind of time sensitive.


So today, November 17th is the birthday of my favorite Haikyuu captain, Kuroo “Bedhead” Tetsurou, and in honor of his b-day, I’m going to write about the Top 5 Reasons Kuroo is the Captain of My Heart!! Okay that sounded way better in my head…

Number 5: He’s always that kind…

Always this nice

Kuroo is the third year captain of the Nekoma High Volleyball Club and one of the best middle blockers in the country, but does he act like he’s God’s greatest gift to volleyball? Nope. He’s an approachable kind of guy, someone you wouldn’t mind cuddling with on a cold winter night hanging out with on a date maybe at a nice park or the aquarium, you know wherever . He doesn’t put on airs, be treats everyone with the same level of respect whether you be one of his teammates or a player from another team, Kuroo is just that nice.

During the season 2 Tokyo Training Camp arc, Kuroo takes time out of his busy schedule to take a few of Karasuno’s first years under his wing. He drops some serious knowledge on those baby crows, and with his training, they become much better players…. especially my boy Tsukki!!

Number 4: His smile warms my heart

Have you seen this boy’s smile?! Be still my beating heart! Kuroo has the kind of smile that makes you forget what you where saying… it’s the kind of smile that men go off to war over… it’s simply divine!!

Number 3: He’s a skilled middle blocker

kuroo blocking

I’m gonna quote myself on this one, because I did a rather good job explaining his mad volleyball skills in that post…

Known as the “scheming captain,” Kuroo is a highly perceptive and skilled player, able to out think most opponents. He also adept in provocation, a skill that he uses to throw off his opponents during matches. As one of Nekoma’s middle blockers, Kuroo mostly takes on a defensive role on the team, he is a skilled blocker able to easily block spikes from some of the highest ranked spikers in Japan.

30 Day Haikyuu Challenge- Day 4: Favorite Non-Karasuno Character

Number 2: His epic bromance with Bokuto

bros kuroo and bokuto

BFFLS, Bros 4 Lyfe, Best buds… call it what you will, but the friendship between Bokuto and Kuroo is something beautiful to behold. First, they aren’t even from the same school, but somehow or another these two managed to strike up a pretty stable friendship. Of course their friendship is not without a bit of competition built in, but what friendship doesn’t have a healthy dose of rivalry? But, really, they bring out the best in one another, Bokuto is one of the top five spikers in Japan and Kuroo is a formidible blocker, two sides of the same coin and yet they manage to work together really well when training together during the Spring Training Camp.

Plus, they’re a double trouble power team whenever they’re in the same room with one another… a force of nature really.

Number 1: His hair

Okay… There really isn’t any profound reason for this one, but I absolutely, positively, love his messy ebony hair… It’s the kind of hairstyle that is just begging for someone to take a comb to it or run your finger through… you know, whatever floats your boat.

And that’s that, of course I have plenty of other reasons for liking Kuroo, but it’s been a long day…. so I’ll leave you all with this, the main reason I love Kuroo Tetsurou, is because he’s hot! There I said it, he’s effing gorgeous and a dork, and just too wonderful for words… If I could find me a guy like Kuroo in real life, I’d propose to him on the spot…. I mean… he’s a cool dude…

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