30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 18: My Favorite Supporting Female Anime Character

So today I’m talking about my favorite supporting female anime character… I dunno what it is, but it is harder for me to choose my favorite female characters. You’d think that being a woman would make choosing a favorite female character easy but I don’t really rate female characters, so this was kind of a hard choice for me…

tough choice

Then it hit me, I knew exactly which character I wanted to write about! Most of you could argue that this character is technically a main character since she appears in a majority of her anime’s episodes. But, the main focus of an anime character is mostly on another character. So my pick for my favorite supporting female anime character is…


Ash Ketchum’s first female companion and leader of the Cerulean City Gym, Misty from Pokemon. Misty has always been one of my all time favorite characters, because she wasn’t some princess that needed saving. Misty knew how to hold her own and take care of herself… unless there are Bug-type Pokemon around. Of all the female companions that have come and gone in the Pokemon anime, none will ever hold a candle to Misty! So here’s a list of all the reasons I love Misty:

  1. She’s an established trainer! Unlike the newer female Pokemon companions, Misty didn’t have to be trained by Ash in the art of Pokemon training. In fact it was the reverse, Misty helped teach Ash the ins and outs of being a Pokemon trainer!
  2. She’s a frickin’ Gym Leader! Not only was she veteran Pokemon trainer at the start of the series, but Misty was one of the top Pokemon trainers in the Kanto region! Not just anyone can be a Pokemon Gym Leader, only the elite are chosen by the Pokemon League to test the skills of up and coming trainers! What’s more, Misty was good at it!
  3. She’s a tomboy. Misty is the kind of girl that isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. As a kid I was bit of a tomboy myself, so it was awesome to see a character like Misty that I could relate to. When compared with her supermodel sisters, Misty is much more rugged and down to Earth. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to be a lady!
  4. She wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way of her goals. From the beginning Misty always knew she wanted to Water Pokemon Master, and she worked hard to reach her goal. Throughout her journey with Ash and the gang, Misty grew as a trainer through the various battles she experienced. But, there was only so much she could experience with Ash, so though I was sad to see her leave the series, ultimately her departure was for the best. She had to move on to bigger and better things in order to follow her dreams!
  5. She’s responsible. It takes a lot of hard work and responsibility to manage an entire gym, and Misty managed to do it all on her own! Talk about dedication, despite being the youngest sibling, Misty steps up to the plate and takes over the Cerulean City Gym while her sisters are of gallivanting around the world. I don’t know too many people that would be willing to do something like that, do you?
  6. The bike… Okay, so I can’t write a post about Misty without talking about her bike! After Pikachu fried her bike at the beginning of the series, Misty began relentlessly pursuing Ash until he paid for the damages (he never did).

I have a few more reasons why I love Misty, but they are kind of hard to word. They have more to do with how awesome it felt to have a strong female character to look up to, especially back when most people insisted that Pokemon was for boys. Misty showed me that it was okay for girls to like Pokemon too!

So, that’s my choice for my favorite supporting female anime character… What did you think of my pick? Who would you have chosen? Let me know in the comments section! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

16 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 18: My Favorite Supporting Female Anime Character

  1. So many points! I’ll be honest. I didn’t have an answer coming into this post, but you’ve convinced me that Misty is the best! I’m pretty sure I even answered her as my favorite anime crush. Your point about her being a tomboy resonates with me too. I’ve always thought tomboys were really cool growing up!

    1. Lol I had a difficult time choosing for this prompt and then it hit me… Pokemon! So I picked Misty!!

      She is just so awesome, I’m ashamed that I waited until now to put her on my list

  2. Man, even though I haven’t watched Pokémon, I love your choice and why you love her! 👌👏👏
    I have no idea, these questions are so hard. I tend to like characters like Misty, proactive and kickass, and there’s so many 😅

  3. Mist y was he best female character in Pokémon history. No other chick tops her. Such a shame she and Ash never became a thing.

    I mean they friggin’ wrote a love song for the two of them!!! How weren’t they a couple?! AshxMisty 4 lyfe!!!

    1. I think one of the writers said it would never be a thing because Ash and Misty were so young. But, I agree they were practically a couple already! I definitely stand behind that ship! 😀

      1. Too young?! They weren’t too young to be left alone to wander the wilderness trying to capture animals that would otherwise rip them limb from limb!!

        Priorities? What’s that?!

      2. lol yeah, I definitely remember thinking that it was so silly at the time. Unfortunately it looks like that ship only exists in our memories…

  4. I agree. It’s so difficult to choose a fellow female as best girl. Because all of them in their own ways are great and if we start hating on them for any reason stemming off thefact that they’re women, it just dooms us all.

    Misty was fantastic and I was so sad when the trio split up…and now Ash still can’t get with any of the countless girls who fall for him…such a shame.

    1. Yes, exactly… It always ticks me off when they make female characters either catty or intentionally weak… I’m like come on, I really wanted to like this character!

      Yes! I am still salty about Misty leaving the show!

  5. Misty was/is cool! It’s funny that you chose her because I’m starting to rewatch the oringinal series with my daughter hahaha let’s just say she’s becoming a Misty fan too!

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