Cast Your Vote – Otome Community’s Top Otome Game Localization of 2021

Hey Blerdy Tribe, just a quick post this time–the end of the year is almost here! We got a ton of otome game localizations this year and I want get your opinions on the top otome game localizations of 2021! I created this google form where you can cast your vote:

So, for this vote, I’m looking specifically at otome games that were localized in 2021 for PC and the Switch (there are way too many moble games)–I’ll do something different for indie games. I’m also restricting this list to official localizations, so no fan translations or patches.

I’ll take a final tally on December 26th 2021, so be sure to get your responses in by then! Also, please feel free to share this with others so I can get a good number of community feedback! Thank you!

Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome!

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Polling the #OtomeArmada: Which Endings Do You Play Through First?

It’s no secret that otome games are still very niche genre within the broader gaming community. Even with an increase in English localizations of Japanese otome games here in the West, our community is fairly small–but, what we lack in size we more than make up for in voice! As a collective, the online otome fandom has been especially vocal when it comes to protecting our otome games–whether that is calling out localization companies on the quality of their releases or letting companies know what games we WANT to see released in the West– you can bet that the collective voice of the otome community will be heard.

As a blogger I use my platform to promote otome games (and indie romance visual novels), but I am just one of many voices in the otome games community and I don’t speak for everyone. So, I wanted to reach out to the #OtomeArmada and see where we stand on certain topics specific to our community. Nothing fancy, just a Twitter poll every now and again to spice things up. Last week I asked you guys ‘When playing otome games, which endings do you like to play through first?’–and the response was overwhelming with 410 of you all casting your vote.

But, I wanted to do something with this and actually list out some takeaways from the poll and kind of suss out some trends! So, let’s break down the results!

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