Alice in the Heart | Peter Review: My Lover is a Deranged Rabbit

The localization of Alice in the Heart has not been received favorably by many fans. I’ve read several reviews and rants about its many shortcomings. Many have called the game half-assed, drawing attention the poor translation quality, hastily edited CGs, and lackluster writing. For me this is my first ever Quin Rose game (I’m a Quin Rose virgin 😉). So I may be a bit more forgiving of shortcomings in the game. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the gameplay as a whole. For that check out my earlier post about the game HERE, where I give my first thoughts about the game, the review covers the prologue. For my first playthrough I decided to go with Peter White.

Edit: On September 25, 2015 QuinRose’s parent company Artmove ceased distribution of ALL QuinRose games. The game has been removed from all mobile app stores! Despite this I hope you enjoy this review!

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