Melanin Friendly Games – Karamu

Happy Monday! What better way to kick off the week than with a melanin friendly game!

While (slowly) making my way through all of this year’s Otome Jam submissions I stumbled across Chattercap’s yandere ex-boyfriend themed romance horror, Karamu and let’s just say I was not prepared for this ride! This is a yandere romance that will subvert all your expectations—I went through the full gambit of emotions and I still haven’t recovered.

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Eye Can See You (Otome Jam 2022) Review

Eye Can See You is an indie otome horror game that follows a girl with psychic abilities that allows her to see spirits. As she enters a new school, she finds spirits residing in her school and makes it her goal to help them fulfill their deeds. But there is evil lurking in the shadows with its own agenda. This is the first project from indie studio Gongon Studios for Otome Jam 2022!

Game Details

  • Indie Otome | Fantasy | Horror
  • Price: Name Your Own Price
  • Where to Play:
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