Cast Your Vote – Otome Community’s Top Otome Game Localization of 2021

Hey Blerdy Tribe, just a quick post this time–the end of the year is almost here! We got a ton of otome game localizations this year and I want get your opinions on the top otome game localizations of 2021! I created this google form where you can cast your vote:

So, for this vote, I’m looking specifically at otome games that were localized in 2021 for PC and the Switch (there are way too many moble games)–I’ll do something different for indie games. I’m also restricting this list to official localizations, so no fan translations or patches.

I’ll take a final tally on December 26th 2021, so be sure to get your responses in by then! Also, please feel free to share this with others so I can get a good number of community feedback! Thank you!

Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome!

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Shut Up and Let Me Enjoy My Otome: Elitism in the Otome Games Community

Elitism in the otome games community has been the bane of the fandom since the beginning and I’m tired of folks bashing otome game localizations and Western fans of the genre. It seems like every time a new otome game localization is announced, folks who have played these games in the original language seem to crawl out of the dark recesses of the internet to find fault with the as of yet UNRELEASED localization. As a Western otome fan who doesn’t have a working knowledge of the Japanese language these new localizations give me and others like me a chance to experience otome games that otherwise we’d never get a chance to play. 

I usually stay out of the otome discourse, because fandoms can be toxic and as a grown adult woman, I have bigger things to worry about than arguing with folks on the internet. But, with the increase in new otome game localizations the elitism that permeates the otome fandom has reached an all time high and I’m just sick of it! So, today I want to share my thoughts on elitism in the otome games fandom from the perspective of a Western fan who is fed up with all the BS. 

So first off, check your privilege at the door–I am not here to entertain trolls. If you don’t agree with me, fine; everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I will not abide by personal attacks or bullying–you will be blocked. 

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