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The Silent Butler Who Stole My Heart: Butler Until Midnight- Kyo Aizawa

My writer’s block is finally over!!! Yes, now I can finally get down to business, and defeat the Huns I mean finally bang out some more reviews…I finally had time for another Voltage route and this time it’s one that you all voted on!! It’s taken me awhile, but this character was chosen by you guys about four weeks ago during that week’s poll. Well I listened, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with this choice, give yourselves a pat on the back this was and excellent route.

Kyo InfoCard.PNGI have been wanting to play this route for some time now, yet I never could find the time to. Ever since I saw his blank, expressionless face in the prologue, I knew that I just had to play his route and learn the reason behind it. The title of  cool loner does not do him justice, there is so much emotion beneath his blank stare if you only take the time to look.

**Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the images used in this review, ALL images, screenshots, and characters belong to Voltage Inc. Please if you are interested in the game, download the game for free in the App Store or from Google Play and purchase the stories when they are available in your area.**

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The Robotic Butler Who Stole My Heart: Butler Until Midnight-Tomoki Matsuba

*This has literally been sitting in my drafts for a month…lol*

So while taking a break from Astoria, I managed to find time for Votage’s newest game Butler Until Midnight…I must have died and gone to otoge fangirl heaven! Voltage didn’t have to try hard to sell me their newest game, Butler Until Midnight, I was down from the first video on their YouTube channel! I mean, butlers! Frickin, BUTLERS!!!! *cough* Ahem, *cough* I was excited for this game. Of course, there was one character that caught my eye, Tomoki Matsuba.


Unlike Yuma and some of the other guys, he seemed like the ideal butler type. He was everything I could have hoped for and more. In the beginning, Tomoki, is a harsh perfectionist with an impeccably accurate internal clock (homeboy can calculate the time down to the second). But, before I knew it this butler really wormed his way into my heart…

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