Alice in the Heart Wonderful Wonder World

Official Website: Japanese**

Where to Buy: Android | iOS**

**After QuinRose’s parent company, Artmove ceased operations, as a result the official English language localization of Heart no Kuni no Alice Wonderful Wonder World was pulled from mobile app stores.

About this Game (Click to Reveal)

Alice is realistic; especially about love. One day, she is taken to the world of heart, which is full of danger. For example, an owner of a hat shop is a gangster, and every theme park worker carries a gun; almost all of the people are dangerous.

She somehow starts to enjoy her life there, after she is forced to take a drug which prevents her from returning to her original world. Will she find a way back? Will she fall in love?

Developer: QuinRose

ESRB Rating: Teen (T)

Genre: Fantasy

Languages: English | Japanese

Publisher: Artmove, Inc.

Release Date: Aug 9, 2014 (EN)


Length: 30+ hours

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