Indie Spotlight: Speakeasy

Indie Studio, Open Late Games recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming 18+ romance visual novel, Speakeasy. This steamy 1920’s romp takes players on a whirlwind of forbidden, decadent romances in the depths of an exclusive jazz club.

Game Details

  • Genre: 18+ | Historical | Romance
  • Available on and Steam
  • Campaign Period: July 1, 2023 to August 1, 2023
  • Tentative Release Date: Late 2023


Will you fall in love? Rule the city? Or damn it all and descend into ruin? The choice is yours.

Suddenly forced into an arranged marriage, Cora rebels against the norms of her class and runs away, intent on forging her own path in life. But she quickly finds herself falling directly into the laps of some of the city’s most notorious citizens. What Cora encounters outside the iron gates and manicured lawns of the West Estate is a bright, exciting, and equally dangerous city pulsing to the beat of jazz music and drowning in the illegal liquor of the most decadent underground club around. Vincent Harlowe’s speakeasy is beyond her wildest dreams–and sometimes even her worst nightmares. Direct her actions and determine whether she will make it out with her heart intact or lose herself in the glamor and excess.

Game synopsis


In this exciting otome, join Old Hollywood heiress Cora West for a whirlwind of forbidden romance in the depths of a decadent illegal jazz club in Prohibition-era Los Angeles by navigating six possible romance routes.

Stretch Goal Love Interest

Kickstarter Campaign Details

The Kickstarter campaign launched on July 1, 2023 and is set to run until August 1, 2023! The current campaign goal is $19,000 USD to help with production costs.

Why Support the campaign?

  • To sweeten the deal a bit for early backers, we are running a special Day One reward tier. Backers who pledge $10 and up on July 1st before 11:59pm PST will receive these free bonuses: 
    • Priority placement in game credits 
    • Exclusive ten-page Speakeasy Coloring Book
    • Milo’s Famous Pancake Recipe
    • A thank you email from a chosen character
  • We have also compiled general, month-long rewards within the pledge tiers that we hope will speak to interested backers:
    • Name in credits of game
    • Printable bookmarks
    • Digital game keys for 
    • Digital Game Guide
    • Digital Artbook 
    • Printable poster of official Speakeasy art
    • Speakeasy Bartender Handbook featuring period-accurate cocktails
    • Digital soundtrack 
    • A personalized fortune from Dahlia 
    • VIP tickets to a virtual Masquerade Launch Party with the developers
    • Speakeasy Scrapbook to see an inside look into the evolution of the game
    • Associate Producer, Co-Producer, and Executive Producer credits
    • Pick and name a pet to be written into the game
    • Name a side character of your choice
    • Choose a route to receive an additional ending
  • Our crowdfunding campaign is focused on sustainability and the pledge tiers only contain digital items. Backers have the option to purchase these select sustainable physical add-ons:
    • Kraft paper character stickers
    • Pearl paper character stickers
    • Wood keychains
    • Cotton tote bag
    • Momo plush made from recycled plastic bottles

Learn more about Open Late Games

Open Late Games is a US-based game studio founded in 2020 on the premise of providing games with immersive stories and high production value to players. The studio is currently developing two visual novel projects with planned releases in late 2022 and early 2023.

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