The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling Ruzi Walkthrough

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Route Tips & Notes:

  • Touya, Suren, and Nohl’s routes are the main routes of the game, while Naran, Ruzi, Cef, Esta, and Jigi are branch routes of those 3 main routes.
    • Play order doesn’t really matter, but since Ruzi’s route is a Branch of Touya’s, playing Ruzi right after is more streamlined.
    • If you created the Ruzi save in Touya’s route use this jump to skip to save point: Ruzi Save Jump. For everyone else follow the guide as written to start Ruzi’s path.
  • Ruzi’s route has two endings (1 Best End & 1 Bad End).
  • To unlock final Ruzi CG: After completing all ends, from the main menu select Special, then Epilogue > Select Ruzi to view short Epilogue and unlock final CG.
  • Novel story Don’t Forget unlocks when completing endings.

Ruzi Best End Walkthrough

Prologue 1

  1. (…Maybe I’ll see him in a different light after we get married?)
  2. …What are you getting at? (Touya Affection Up)

Common Route CG Unlocked (Touya)

Prologue : The One Who Chooses 1

Common Route CG Unlocked (Suren)

  1. (What’s this guy talking about?) (Touya Affection Up)
  2. (Maybe I can relax, just a little.) (Touya Affection Up)

Note: The next 3 episodes (Questioning from a certain Military Commander, The Hope of a Certain Disciple, & The Passing Thoughts of a Certain Pawn) are POV chapters, there are no choices, but 2 CGs are unlocked.

  1. (It can’t be helped.) (Touya Affection Up)
  2. (Is he really concerned about her?) (Touya Affection Up)
  3. (He doesn’t look like a Nasla man…)
  4. What. Geez.

Common Route CG Unlocked (Touya)

Common Route CG Unlocked (Nohl)

Prologue : The One Who Chooses 2

  1. I’m interested in the woman who just passed by
  2. Call out. (Touya Affection Up)
  3. (Touya Affection Up)

Prologue : The One Who Chooses 3

  1. …Congrats.


Touya’s Route

Time to Choose

  1. (All I can do is trust Touya here…) (Touya Affection Up)

Touya CG Unlocked

  1. Nod (Touya Affection Up)
  2. For now, I’ll forget that he’s the enemy, and give my thanks. (Touya Affection Up)


  1. I’d like to have someone I could speak normally to. (Uru Affection Up)
  2. …Okay, then it’s an order. (Uru Affection Up)

Fate 2

  1. (This could be a good chance to get to know Touya’s intentions) (Touya Affection Up)
  2. (Touya’s got his own things to deal with…) (Touya Affection Up)

Fate 3

Touya CG Unlocked

No Choice


  1. You don’t have to apologize over this.
  1. …I think Touya and I are building a good relationship.


  1. (Well, he does have some responsibility for it… (Touya Affection Up)
  2. (…He seems to be really exhausted.) (Touya Affection Up)

Touya CG Unlocked

  1. Yeah, if you don’t mind?*


No Choice

No CGs

A Cold Bed

Completed Touya’s route save jump

  1. (Maybe I should take a walk…)

Ruzi’s Route

Notes for Path:
Content Warnings (mild spoilers)

Content Warnings: Child Sexual Assault (Mentioned) | Incest (cousins) | Suicidal Ideations

Connections 1

Ruzi CG Unlocked

  1. There’s no way I’d forget you. (Ruzi Affection Up)
  2. (I am curious…) (Ruzi Affection Up)

Connections 2

  1. Yeah, I came to really like the person called Ruzi. (Ruzi Affection Up)

Connections 3

  1. Observe Else. (Ruzi Affection Up)
  2. (It’s not something I should be aware of.) (Ruzi Affection Up)

Mysterious EMotions

  1. (So it means that he doesn’t hate being related to me.) (Ruzi Affection Up)
  2. (I wonder if that’s how it looks…) (Ruzi Affection Up)
  3. (Ruzi Affection Up)


  1. (I wonder why I’m so flustered…) (Ruzi Affection Up)

Ruzi CG Unlocked

  1. Oh, yeah, I know. Don’t worry about it. (Ruzi Affection Up)

Ruzi CG Unlocked

Feelings that Continue to Fall

Ruzi CG Unlocked

No Choice

One More Emotion 1

  1. You don’t care? (Ruzi Affection Up)*

One More Emotion 2

Ruzi CG Unlocked

  1. That… that is correct. (Ruzi Affection Up)
  2. …Are you crying? (Ruzi Affection Up)

Loved One

Ruzi CG Unlocked

No Choice

Remnants of Heat

Ruzi CG Unlocked x2

No Choice

Note: The episode (The Doctor’s Decision) is a POV chapter, there are no choices and no CG

Final Chapter: Never-Ending Research

Save 1

  1. I want to take your hand, but…

Ruzi CG Unlocked

Ruzi Best End – Never-Ending Research

Ruzi Epilogue Unlocks (Additional Epilogue CG)

Ruzi Bad End Walkthrough

  • This path does not have a CG
Content Warnings (mild spoilers)

Be mindful of the following content warnings:  Sexual Assault (Implied)

Load Save 1

  1. …I just can’t.

Ruzi Bad End – The Darkness Named Despair

The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling Walkthroughs

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