Paradigm Paradox Grand Finale Walkthrough

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Story Breakdown & Recommended Order (Click to reveal)
  • Routes in Paradigm Paradox are divided between Justice and Villainous Justice that correspond to the parameters Hero and Villain in the common route.
    • Depending on your choices in the Justice Common path the story will branch off into one of the 4 individual routes: Tokio Takato, Kamui Saibara, Mihaya Araki, or Ayumu Mamiya.
    • Depending on your choices in the Villainous Justice Common path the story will branch off into one of the 4 individual routes: Ibuki, Hyuga, Yukinami, or Ryo Tomitsuka.
  • Each of the individual routes have 3 main endings: Happy, Bad, and Normal with 2 additional game over bad endings (these can be skipped if you don’t wanna 😭)
  • At the start all of the Justice (Hero) Individual routes, Hyuga and Yukinami’s routes are open, while Ibuki and Ryo‘s routes are locked.
    • Ibuki’s route unlocks when you finish 2 routes in the game.
    • Ryo’s route unlocks after you finish Ibuki’s route.
  • The Grand Finale unlocks when you finish Ryo’s route.
  • Aside from the route restrictions listed above, you can play the routes in any order. But for the best story progression I recommend: Mihaya → Kamui → Ayumu → Tokio→ Hyuga → Yukinami → Ibuki → Ryo → Finale
  • Clearing Ryo will unlock the route. (Grand Finale branch option added to common route)
  • There are two types of endings, Happy End and Bad End.
  • After clearing the Grand Finale Happy End, reports Fragments of the Future 1 & 2 will unlock!

Grand Finale Route Walkthrough

common route

Load Ch. 2-2 from the Flow Chart

1. Human, obviously. (Hero Up)

2. Speak to Moravia. (Villain Up)

3. I see smoke rising from town!* (Choice unlocks after clearing one Ryo ending)

Grand Finale route


Other CG Unlocked

Other CG Unlocked

4. We should ally with Ryo.

Other CG Unlocked

Other CG Unlocked

Happy End

Other CG Unlocked

Grand Finale Bad End

Load SAVE 1

1. Ryo is our enemy.

Bad End

Paradigm Paradox Walkthroughs

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