Piofiore: Episodio 1926 Dante Falzone Walkthrough

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Route Tips & Notes

Story Breakdown & Recommended Order (Click to reveal)
  • At the start Piofiore Episodio 1926 is divided into two sets of stories: Episodio Burlone and Episodio Alternativa.
    • Episodio Burlone is considered the “main story” and continues the events from the Best ends from Piofiore: Fated Memories. Episodio Burlone routes for Dante, Gil, Nicola, Yang, and Orlok are available from the start.
      • You can play these in ANY order, but Gil – Orlok – Nicola – Yang – Dante is the recommended order.
    • Episodio Alternativa follows the Finale end of Piofiore Fated Memories it mostly consists of short stories with the characters and can be played in any order.
      • There are “routes” for the 5 main LIs and a Finale.
  • The final route Episodio 1926 – Henri- unlocks after you finish both Episodio Burlone & Alternativa.
Important Game Systems (Click to reveal)
  • There are some new and returning features in Piofiore: Episodio 1926 that are worth noting:
    • Meanwhile Stories are back! They’re short asides that give insight into events happening away from Lili and the LIs. There will be an indicator in the top left corner of the screen when one has been unlocked.
      • Required ones will play automatically, but optional ones will have to be manually selected. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND playing all of these unless otherwise indicated in this guide.
  • ARIA events are POV scenes that look back on events from the first game from the point of view of the LI. You’ll know an ARIA is available when you see highlighted dialogue text and an indicator prompting you on screen.
    • These are extras and can be skipped, if you do skip them you can view them later from EXTRA on the main menu.
Dante FalzoneVoice ActorCharacter Bio
Kaito IshikawaConsidered young for his leadership position. Highly educated and is the legitimate successor. Took over as boss after the death of his father five years ago. Usually calm and cool-headed, he will go out of his way to look after those he trusts. Values heritage and tradition above all else.

Dante Falzone’s True End Walkthrough

  • Previously read optional Meanwhile Stories and ARIA not included.
  • Chapter 6 of this ending does contain story CGs (2).
Content warnings (mild spoilers)

Be mindful of the following content warnings: Minor Character Death (on screen) | Suicide

Chapter 1 – L’inizio

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

  • Meanwhile Story (Auto): Think

1. (Say nothing)

2. I’ve started something new.

  • Meanwhile Story: 1. Concerns; 2. Beginning
  • Meanwhile Story: Trouble

3. (Excuse myself)

  • Meanwhile Story: 1. Meting; 2. Advice

4. Don’t worry.

  • Meanwhile Story: Celebrate
Chapter 2 – Intrigare

5. (Decline his invitation)

[ARIA : Promise]

  • Meanwhile Story (Auto): Trouble

6. I’m enjoying myself.

  • Meanwhile Story (Auto): Decisions
  • Meanwhile Story: Thoughts
  • Meanwhile Story: Discontent

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

  • Meanwhile Story: Glance
  • Meanwhile Story: Disquiet
  • Meanwhile Story: Report

7. I’ll be lonely without you

  • Meanwhile Story: Advice
  • Meanwhile Story: Plot

[ARIA: Bed]

Save 1

8. Now that you mention it…

  • Meanwhile Story: Prayers
Chapter 3 – Epurazione

9. Not exactly…

  • Meanwhile Story: 1. Escort; 2. Chance 1; 3. Party
  • Meanwhile Story: Aim

10. About Carlo…

  • Meanwhile Story: Guess
  • Meanwhile Story: Upset
  • Meanwhile Story: Mute
  • Meanwhile Story: Chance 2

[ARIA: Collision]

11. When you were younger?

  • Meanwhile Story: Secrets
  • Meanwhile Story (Auto): Orders
  • Meanwhile Story (Auto): Past

12. (Wake Up)

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

  • Meanwhile Story: Hunch
Chapter 4 – Dialogo
  • Meanwhile Story (Auto): Hidden

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

13. And I trust you, dear brother.

  • Meanwhile Story: Irritation

Save 2

14. (Ask him to thank them)

  • Meanwhile Story: Confusion
  • Meanwhile Story: Anguish

15. He would never do that.

  • Meanwhile Story: Visitor
  • Meanwhile Story: Progress

16. About movies.

  • Meanwhile Story: Start Anew
  • Meanwhile Story: Worry
Chapter 5 – Litigare

[ARIA: Hideout]

  • Meanwhile Story (Auto): Upbringing
  • Meanwhile Story: Absence
  • Meanwhile Story: Transform
  • Meanwhile Story: Impatience

Save 3

17. There’s something going on.

18. You don’t need to decide now.

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

Chapter 6 – Ricordo
  • Meanwhile Story: Hope
  • Meanwhile Story: Observe

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

Dante True End

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

Dante Falzone Bad End Walkthrough

  • Previously read optional Meanwhile Stories and ARIA not included.
  • Chapter 6 of this ending does contain story CGs (2).
Content warnings (mild spoilers)

Be mindful of the following content warnings: Minor Character Death (off screen) | Major Character Death (on screen) 

Load Save 2

Chapter 4 – Dialogo

14. (Don’t ask him)

15. I’m prepared for anything.

16. About buildings.

  • Meanwhile Story: Limit (Occurs only during Dante’s in Bad End run)
Chapter 5 – Nella nebbia

17. Take care.

  • Meanwhile Story: Friend
  • Meanwhile Story: 1.Comparison; 2. Speculate

18. Are you okay, Dante?

Chapter 6 – Scelta

[ARIA: Garden]

  • Meanwhile Story: End

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

  • Meanwhile Story: Develop

Dante Falzone CG Unlocked

Bad End 1

Load Save 1


1. Nothing in particular

Bad End 1

Bad End 2

Load Save 3

Chapter 5 – Litigare

1. I don’t know

2. …


You can also visit the Chapter Select and start Chapter 6 TRUE with Dante LOW Affinity

Bad End 2

Additional Dante CGs

That concludes the guide for Dante’s Episodio Burlone route. There are 2 additional CGs that can be unlocked by completing Dante’s stories in Episodio Alternativa. Since it’s recommended that you play that after finishing all the main Episodio Burlone routes, please refer to that guide once those are complete.

Piofiore Episodio 1926 Walkthroughs

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