Fall in Love with these Cute Otome Animal Companions

It’s tough wooing otome boys and sometimes a heroine just needs someone cute and fluffy to cuddle—that’s where cute otome sidekicks come in! They may not always add much to the plot, but these adorable animal companions add a dose of cuteness to our lives every time they’re on screen.

Just about every otome game has it’s own cute animal buddy, so today I’m spotlighting some of the most precious little beans~

Sisi – Code Realize

You cannot have a list of cute otome companions without the goodest boy of them all, Sisi! This cute Pembroke corgi stole all our hearts in Code Realize and continues to be one of my fave animal companions. With his dapper top hat, bow tie, and super stylish mechanical prosthetic leg, Sisi is quite the little gentleman and he gives the best kisses!

Kororo – Cafe Enchante

If there’s a game that needs a bit of cuteness to temper out the angst, it’s Café Enchanté and the game does not disappoint, blessing us with absolutely precious floof, Kororo! This cute jelly bean is rescued by Impey when it gets separated from its family and becomes the unofficial Enchanté mascot! This cutie pie is the perfect companion for cuddles or maybe a cute headbutt~

Chi – Cupid Parasite

IDK what Chi is, and I don’t care because this otome Pikachu is absolutely ADORABLE! Look at that face~ This precious little bean offers soft cuddles and helpful little shocks that are perfect for soothing aches and pains. And, when the going gets rough wrangling the Parasite 5, Lynette finds comfort in her cute little friend.

Daifuku – Olympia Soiree

Daifuku is Olympia’s food loving bestie in Olympia Soiree and a constant source of support and comfort… so long as he gets his snacks. A connoisseur of good food, Daifuku is always on the look out for delicious food, giving him an adorable plush appearance much like the daifuku mochi he’s named after. I mean, look at him, don’t you just wanna eat him up?!

Juli – Brothers Conflict

Brothers Conflict’s Juli is the total package, not only is he a confidant for Ema as she navigates her new family and life, but he also is her biggest protector. When the bros get too close, enter Juli to keep them in their place! Of course, he can go a bit overboard with his protection, but he loves Ema and always puts her happiness ahead of everything else.

Of course there are so many cute otome companions out there! So, I wanna hear from you! Did some of your favorites make the list? Are there some I missed? What are some of your favorite otome animal companions?

Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome!

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