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Indie studio, Velvet Fox Games recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for their real-time instant messenger romance game, Infinite Blue! In the game, you as the player, along with six strangers, have a messenger app mysteriously downloaded onto your phones. In the course of 10 real-time days, you will have the opportunity to grow close to these strangers, chat with them on the messenger, and learn why the app was installed.

Game Details

  • Genre: Mystery | Indie Otome | Chatroom
  • Tentative Release Date: 2023
  • Where to Play the Demo: Android | iOS
  • Campaign Period: May 17, 2022 to June 16, 2022


A pinging sound signals a notification on your phone – a chatroom app has been mysteriously downloaded that can’t be uninstalled. You’re not the only one.

You and six strangers, all living near the same city with different backgrounds and lifestyles, come together to try and understand why they were chosen to be a part of the app, and just who installed it. As the days pass and you become immersed into each other’s lives, it’s not long before these strangers begin to take an interest in you. At the same time, a literal and figurative storm is brewing, and somehow, you’re at the center of it.

As love blossoms and thunderclouds form, your choices will change the course of these stranger’s lives forever.

Official Synopsis



  • FREE-TO-PLAY: All six routes available to play through in their entirety, with purchasable/gatherable in-game currency to unlock additional features such as common route skip, opening the next 24 hours of gameplay, and utilizing character choice indicators for ease of getting on routes and achieving different endings.
  • 10 DAYS OF REAL-TIME GAMEPLAY: Chats/events appear in real-time, but can be completed at your own pace. In other words, you don’t have to lose sleep, or worry about playing a chat in time! The only penalty for not completing a chat on time is loss of in-game currency, but even this is not needed to play through the game.
  • PLENTIFUL CHOICES AND ENDINGS: Ample choices simulate real chat conversations and determine the path you take in the story. With four different endings per character, you can experience the good, the bad, and the in-between.
  • CHATROOM/PHONE CALLS/EVENTS: Chat with characters in-app, talk to them on the phone once on their route, and meet them in visual-novel-mode events.
  • CUTOMIZABLE NAME, PRONOUNS, AND PROFILE PICTURE: Choose your own name and profile picture as it appears in-game. Select she/her, he/him, or they/them pronouns. Your appearance will be kept vague/hidden in CGs to allow for self-insertion if so desired.
  • SLEEK USER INTERFACE: A modern and sleek user interface with a polished chat system. The full game will include animated chat backgrounds, stickers, and stylized chat bubbles to really bring the messenger to life.

Screenshots & Art Assets

Kickstarter Campaign Details 

So, the Kickstarter campaign launched on May 17, 2022 and is set to run until June 16, 2022! The campaign goal is $17,000 to help with the production costs of the game!

Why Support the campaign?

  • By supporting the campaign supporters will receive a digital copy of the PC version of the game along with nice digital goodies like:
    • Beta Access to Infinite Blue
    • Digital Artbook and/or Digital OST
  • If the campaign exceeds it’s goal, the team will add additional features, like:
    • Extended Phone Calls
    • 7th romance route
    • and more…

More Info on Velvet Fox Games

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