Blerdy Otome 2K Follower Otome Giveaway!!

Hey Blerdy Tribe! So a few months back I said that when I hit 2k followers on Twitter that I would host a giveaway to celebrate–well I am currently sitting pretty at 2,200+ Twitter followers and it’s high time I make good on that promise! But, what I didn’t anticipate was that I would also hit 1k blog followers too… which is especially worth celebrating! So, I am happy to announce that I am collaborating with the amazing folks at Aksys Games, Great Gretuski, Lunaris Games, Sake Visual, and Roseverte Games to bring you all a special giveaway during which two lucky entrants will win super special awesome otome game starter packs


Yes dear readers you read that right, I’m giving away two otome game starter packs, to celebrate hitting two huge milestones! I have been blogging a little over five years and through all the ups and downs you all have stuck with me and I cannot thank you enough! Your love and support is what makes Blerdy Otome the super awesome place that it is and whether you’re a longtime lurker or a new reader, I want to thank you for coming along with me on this wonderful Bishie filled journey!  

Right, so to find out more about this exclusive giveaway keep reading and I’ll give you all the deets!! 

The Prizes

First up are the prizes! There will be two winners who will be chosen at random using Gleam and those lucky ducks will win a super special awesome Otome Starter Pack featuring one Nintendo Switch digital download code for an Aksys Games otome release and seven indie otome game from some of my favorite indie devs for a total of EIGHT GAMES EACH! 

Blerdy Otome 2K Giveaway (1)

The Switch otome codes are only available for North America, EU and AU/NZ, so make sure that you are in one of those regions when you enter. Each entrant will need to provide me with their Nintendo Switch region and the name of the game they want when they enter. All of the indie games will be given via Steam/ codes that will be sent to the winners via email. 

Learn More About the Games in Bundle

How To Enter

The giveaway is open to everyone who wants to enter, and will run until May 10, 2021 at 11:59PM EST.  To enter you must do the following! 

  1. Follow my Twitter account (@BeckNaja)
  2. Retweet/Like the giveaway Tweet
  3. Leave a comment on this giveaway post telling me your favorite game!
  4. You must be subscribed to Blerdy Otome (either through a WordPress account or via email)

If you have any questions or run into any issues while entering, please send me an email at 

Blerdy Otome 2K Follower Giveaway


Blerdy Otome 2K Giveaway

This giveaway would not be possible without the collaboration of these five phenomenal collaborators–each of these teams have created/published some truly remarkable games and I highly recommend checking them out and giving them a follow! 


SakeVisual (1)

Roseverte Games

Roseverte Games

Lunaris Games

Lunaris Games

Great Gretuski Studios



Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome!

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122 thoughts on “Blerdy Otome 2K Follower Otome Giveaway!!

  1. Other than Taisho x Alice, by far the best otome to exist. I’m glad I can read Japanese so I’ve already done the Epilogue. T_T

    In terms of fully released in English, I think Collar x Malice will be #1 for a long time because all of the boys hit a different bit of my type.
    Buuuuuuuuuut, I really adored Pinewood Island, and what’s current released of Andromeda 6.

    Special shout out to Togainu no Chi, not Otome but one of my favs. <3

  2. Congrats on 2K followers!! You deserve every one of ’em. Here’s to another 2K!! *insert confetti and balloons and cake*

    My favourite otome game is going to be my very first one because it introduced me to the genre and it’s a super cheesy one haha, but it’s Shall We Date? Ninja Edition. It is a mobile game, though. My first “console” otome was Hakuoki on the PSP. Ahhh, good times. I love that one with all my heart too.

  3. cXm is unbeatable for me~~ i’m in love with all of them~~ mineo shares my birthday heheheh.

  4. Congrats on 2k! ^_^ I’m so excited for the giveaway! I’ve played many otome games so it is hard to choose a favorite but I have to say it’s probably Amnesia Memories simply because Kent is my absolute favorite boy. /.\

  5. Congrats on 2k twitter followers and 1k blog followers!! I’ve been following your blog for a while, so it’s great to see you get the recognition you deserve 🙂 Although it’s hard to choose, I’d have to say that my favorite otome game would be Collar x Malice!

  6. (Sorry if I’ve most likely submitted two other comments — I kept experiencing technical errors.) Congrats on 2000 followers! My favorite otome game is Cinderella Phenomenon.
    – ilyilaice

  7. congrats on hitting 2k! my fave otome game is Mystic Messenger but recently i got into console games and i loveddd code realize especially Saint Germain (i cried so much in his route) I’d love to try more switch otomes! thank you for this opportunity (^з^)-☆

  8. My favourite game is probably Arcade Spirits which I actually heard about from this blog!

  9. My favorite otome game is the indie VN Hustle Cat, because it’s so soothing and relaxing and I wish they made a sequel :3

  10. Congrats for your work! I have so many favourite games that I cannot keep count. But I have two favourites in particular: Mystic Messenger (my first otome game) and Amnesia

  11. Congrats!!! Your blog is my fav about otomes 🙂 My favourite otome is Piofiore 🥰

  12. Congrats on your follower milestone!! Glad I found this blog through someone entering your giveaway 🙂
    My favorite game is ace attorney–otome-adjacent for being a visual novel? ;D

    1. Congratulations on the 2k! Gosh I think my favourite game at the moment is Stardew Valley bc it’s so cozy and I’ve been needing the cozy vibes lately.

  13. I love Errant Kingdom and I would like to have it via itchi.o!! Also, so excited to discover all these new games I didnt know about…!

  14. Congrats on getting 2K ^^

    I’d say my favorite game is a tie between When the Night Comes and Errant Kingdom at the moment. Very excited to play the revamp of WtNC though. Another top game choice is Our Life as I like how much depth is in the story and you and the others grow through the story. If I foccused only on otome (I played the others as BL mostly) I adored Mystic Messenger and Seduce Me 1 and 2. I love most otome games though just tend to prefer if there is an option to play as male.

  15. My favorite otome is Code: Realize. The art style is beautiful, the storyline is great and the boys are cute 🙂 Congratulations on 2k! Here’s to many more!

  16. Yaaay congrats on hitting 1k on your blog and 2k on Twitter !! , that was perfect timing since I recently started looking for cool otome blogs to follow and I like yours so far especially that you have my favorite indie otome in the giveaway !! , WTNC was my first and favorite , And my favorite Japanese otome would definitely be Nightshade

  17. Ahhh my favorite otome is Ozmafia!!! So now i’m super excited to play Piofiore and Bustafellows that i bought/preordered~

  18. Huge congratulationssss. My favorite otome is… Cosmetic Paradise for Nintendo DS, because it was my first otome type of game and the first time I got to romance a boy in a video game lolol. I remember being so surprised you could do that, being most popular games not centered on romance or anyway romance for girls

  19. So far, my fav is Collar Malice, it’s been ages since I first wanted to play it! Btw, thank you very much for the giveaway 🙂

  20. Wait I think I entered wrong. My fav would be Piofiore and my switch region would be North America

  21. my favorite otome game has to ikemen vampire!! i love Leonardo’s route so much!! ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ♡

  22. My favorite otome game is Collar x Malice! I played it just recently but was addicted from beginning to end, it’s so good and Mineo is such a good boy ❤

  23. My favorite otome game must be… Mystic Messenger. I don’t have time anymore to play it properly again, but I have so many good memories…

  24. Congrats on 2k!! My current favorite VNs would have to be When the Night Comes and Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly~

  25. Congrats on 2K! Thank you for the giveaway too. One of my favorite otome games is Mystic Messenger as it was the game that got me to go back into the otome world and find out about more games like Ozmafia, CxM, and more. <3

  26. I have many favorite otome games… The first one I fell in love with was the Starry Sky series. After that I became obsessed with Amnesia! I really want to play Collar x Malice 🙂

  27. I think my current favorite otome is Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly. While I do like otome, I really need a well-thought out story to typically enjoy it. Also I believe in Kagiha supremacy.

  28. Congrats on all the followers! That’s truly amazing. I think my current favorite at the moment is ​Our Life: Beginnings & Always (GB Patch does consistently good work), but I think Andromeda 6 has a special place in my heart. After years of not really playing much of anything, A6 is the one I played that got me spiraling down the Visual Novel hole. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and here’s to many more followers to come!

  29. Congrats on 2k! I don’t know if I have a favorite otome game yet, but I’m currently playing through Beastmaster and Prince and really enjoying it.

  30. Hohoho, congratulations on your success! I hope many more people come to know your amazing blog~~
    Right now, my favorite game is ​Our Life: Beginnings & Always.
    Damn… this game is just so sweet, simply superb I can’t even hsdsahfjdfh
    Choosing all time favorite is way too hard for me, so I’ll have to say DRAMAtical Murder and Mystic Messenger =x

  31. Congrats on 2k!
    My favorite otome is Code Realize. I haven’t gotten the chance to play much other otome aside from Hakuouki, so I find your blog, site, and reviews invaluable as I try to learn more.

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