Melanin Friendly Games – ‘Errant Kingdom’

I’m re-purposing my Melanin Friendly Games Black History Month project as a weekly game spotlight segment where I hype up visual novels and games that feature Black and Brown characters in prominent roles. As a black woman gamer, representation in the media I love is important and I want to celebrate the games that make the extra effort to include a bit of color in their lineup.

And today’s Melanin Friendly Game pick is…

Errant Kingdom is a queer, high fantasy visual novel and the sophomore title from Lunaris Games, the developers behind the episodic supernatural fantasy, When the Night Comes. I loved their first game, for it’s immersive supernatural fantasy story and for the inclusion of so many well written Black and Brown characters, both in the main cast and the supporting cast! While they’re relatively new on the indie scene, they have made a name for themselves with their engaging stories and characters and their phenomenal social media presence.

Political intrigue, magic, and adventure await in this highly imaginative high fantasy world. The Kingdom of Novus has been thrown into disarray and your actions will determine whether you will help usher in an age of peace or destruction. Along the way you will encounter a colorful cast of characters who will offer to assist you on your mission, should you choose to accept their help.

Errant Kingdom 1
The Love Interests (L to R): Erik, Livia, Maja, Lucien, Raiden, and Roux

Like it’s predecessor, Errant Kingdom is an episodic release, with new chapters and volumes being released on a bi-monthly basis. Rather than following one set protagonist, you can choose between one of three playable protagonists—the Ambassador, the Knight, and the Nomad—each option changes the flavor of your story and how your relationship progresses with each of the six love interests. Like When the Night Comes, this game also features LGBTQA+ characters and polyamorus relationships, though I want to note that all romance is optional. 


Lunaris Games has a flair for world building and the world of the game is absolutely fascinating! Errant Kingdom is a game that is drenched in lore and history, and it’s fun uncovering all the secrets of the world and the characters. There is so much to explore in the game, though only the prologue and the first chapter are available. Even so, Errant Kingdom is a delightful experience that offers a uniquely diverse cast, and an immersive story that will have you eagerly awaiting each new installment!

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Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux | Steam

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