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Hey! It’s been a while since I wrote anything here on the old blog, but I got really into crocheting again… so I took a break to make a few dolls (which you can see on my Instagram).

So, we’re going on a little over a month of social distancing and we’ve all been digging deep to keep ourselves occupied while we wait out the COVID-19 pandemic. The extra time at home has given me a chance to dive back into some of my more neglected hobbies and my streaming watch list is at an all time low. Though, my backlog remains pretty much unchanged. In fact, I think it’s grown quite a bit since all of this started—probably because of all the “Stay At Home” game sales and deals… and if there is one thing I’m weak to, it’s sales. I’m still kind of playing the field with my games, but, there are a few that I’ve gotten pretty far into… so, here are the games I’ve been playing recently.



After finishing Pokemon Sword, I found myself in need of something to fill my gaming void, so I did what any red blooded gamer would do—I started browsing the Nintendo eShop. I love me some indie games, and the Switch has quite a few titles to choose from, but out of all of them, Night School Studio’s Afterparty really stood out from the rest. It’s an adventure game that follows two recently deceased best friends, Milo and Lola, who find themselves the newest residents of Hell. Not up for spending an eternity in Hell, the pair discover that there is a get out of Hell free card—You just have to out drink the prince of Hell, Satan and he’ll send you back to Earth!

I tend to play a lot of otome games and visual novels, but I really enjoy adventure games, they’re largely player driven and I find the leisurely gameplay style refreshing. In Afterparty, you pretty much run partying and drinking your way through Hell interacting with a colorful assortment of characters while completing tasks that can be anything from tracking down an invite to an exclusive party to successfully completing various drinking mini-games. There’s a cool drinking mechanic where certain drinks grant you special abilities that help you complete tasks… and of course gets Milo and Lola piss drunk—which makes completing some of the mini-games a bit harder and affects the way you interact with other characters (there’s a drink that turns you into an angry drunk…)

The premise is hilarious—I’m a sucker for dark comedy and snappy dialogue— you really get drawn into this unique world…Hell, is pretty much the embodiment of every drunken night on the town I had in college—multiple bars, drinks with questionable alcohol content, and drunken shenanigans that get more and more chaotic as the night wears on… Afterparty is an immersive and entertaining gaming experience that is so worth diving into.

full service

Full Service

I am weak. After ranting and raving about how much I HATED Black Monkey Pro and their games, I couldn’t help myself when BMP, now re-branded as Herculion, announced that they were releasing a brand new boys love title, Full Service. I was hesitant, given my experience with the likes of Sleepover and Bacchikoi, but, I was curious to see if they had improved… and I was pleasantly surprised. Full Service follows Tomoki Nakamoto an overworked young office worker looking for a reprieve from his humdrum life. When a stranger hands him a business card to the Full Service Spa, he encounters a colorful cast of characters that are more than happy to help Tomoki relieve a little “stress”.

The premise is simple, Tomoki is stressed, so he visits a spa where the masseurs offer special services to their patrons. The characters are cliche, but innoffensive and there are some genuine interactions between Tomoki and the love interests. It’s nothing too complex or especially thought provoking— I can just turn off my brain and watch the hot bara beauties fuck their way to their happily ever after! Full Service has some elements of a life simulator, but as of right now they aren’t as tedious as say, Seiyuu Danshi or Backstage Pass. There are mini-games, and unlike Bacchikoi they’ve been integrated into the actual story, so there’s a plus there. However, like with BMP’s previous boys love offerings the biggest draw is the absolutely stunning sexual content! If there was one thing BMP/Herculion got right it was the steamy art—muscular men engaging in steamy sex… sign me up!! So far, I’m liking Full Service, buuuut, I’m only on day 16… so there’s still time…

Phoenix Wright Trilogy.jpg

Phoenix Wright Trilogy

I love the Ace Attorney series, and I the Trilogy was on sale in the Nintendo eShop, so I broke down and bought it (I did the same thing when Nintendo released the old Pokemon games digitally) and since my 3DS is out of commission, this is one of the only ways I can enjoy the series without having to lug my laptop around…

It’s been a few years since I played the Ace Attorney series and I remember how most of the trials end, but I can’t help but be invested in the wacky characters and cases. I’m currently working my way through Ace Attorney and I am having some serious nostalgia! The puns! The crooks! Phoenix kicking ass in the courtroom! AND EDGEWORTH ♥♥♥

Up Until the End

Up Until The End


The developer for this Up Until The End reached out to me back when this game was in development, but I haven’t found the time to play it until now. This is one of the more immersive visual novels I have played in a long time, since you aren’t just an innocent bystander, but an active participant in the events of the game. Your ordinary life is turned upside down when what should have been a normal trip to the library turns into a nightmare. You wake up surrounded by flames, what follows is a non-stop adventure full of danger and suspense… but, you aren’t alone on your journey, and the bonds you form with your fellow companions can determine whether or not you will survive.

There’s a lot going on with this game and it can be a bit confusing at first, since nothing about your situation is explained up front. You’re just kind of thrown headfirst into the action and you’re left scrambling to figure out who you are and what’s going on. There are other characters in the same situation as you and they are just as engaging as the story. You think the story is going one way and it goes in a completely different direction, but you welcome the mystery of it all. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but still very entertaining and I’m definitely curious to see how everything ends.


Not gonna lie, I’ve been slacking off in the gaming department, I guess there’s something to be said for having too much time on my hands now that I’m working from home. But, it’s looking like I’ll be working from home for at least another month, so I’ll have plenty of time to tackle some of the games in my backlog… or you know, buy a new game and completely scrap this list. Let’s just see where the spirit takes me…

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12 thoughts on “Now Playing: Games I’m Currently Playing – February/March

    1. Everyone seems to be playing the new Animal Crossing, I’m starting to think I should have joined the crowd.

      How did you like the Mystery Dungeon remake? I’ve wanted to get it for myself.

      1. With some save scumming and a few guides/tips (like doing all the keywords for free items), it was a lot easier than I remember, at least the main story. I’m not a big fan of dungeoncrawlers, but it was cute.

  1. You may tired of Full Service soon since there is still a very, very longgggg way… Since I am… *Deadfish-face*

    1. Lol those games just weren’t my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I like steamy BL as much as the next fujoshi, buuut, I wanted more in terms of story. It was a lot of arbitrary sex and not enough plot for me.

      But, the art was gorgeous and Bacchikoi was much better than Sleepover.

      1. Well, I guess Bacchikoi does have too much sex scenes, but what do you expect from this genre? Eheheh

        Speaking about Bacchikoi, have you played Camp Buddy? That one is more… Slow burn. To me at least

      2. Lol you do have a point, but I have found some pretty great BL games that balance story and smut.

        I did play Camp Buddy, it was cute. It took it’s time building up the sex and the characters were memorable. Definitely worth it

      3. Coming Out on Top and Yearning: A Gay Love Story are some of my favorite two BLs. Although the latter doesn’t really have a steamy CG scene, though it has a special CG for every love interest upon story completion

      4. My friend has been suggesting Coming Out On Top to me for ages, so it’s on my list lol.

        Yearning is really good, I included it on an LGBTQ + positive game list. I also like Ertal Games’s BL titles, interesting stories and a nice balance of story and sex.

    2. Actually there is BL tittle with sex AND plot, better than fap game only Black Monkey offer u know :v It call “nice balance”.
      I would love to see more plot focus BL WITHOUT sex, but the only one I could find is Heirs and Grace and Break Chance Memento (and Red Embrace but I didn’t try it yet). Welp, I guess the game will flop without sex so it couldn’t be help…

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