A Sex Positive Fling with a Demon – Cute Demon Crashers Review

Cute Demon Crashers is a short 18+ sex positive visual novel from English game developers Sugar Script. The game was originally developed back in 2015 for the annual game jam, NaNoRenO, however due to time constraints Sugar Script was only able to complete two character routes (Mirari and Akki) by the time limit. But, the initial release was such a success that fans raised funds to assist Sugar Script with completing the game. Cute Demon Crashers features four romance interests (3 male, 1 female) and while the game does deal with sexual situations, players can choose to filter the “naughty bits” through censored gameplay. In addition to the filter, players can also choose to turn down any and all sexual situations without their choices having any effect on the progression of the story. The main purpose of the game is to promote a safe and open space for players to explore sex without feeling pressured.

Cute Demon Crashers 6.png
If four sex demons offered their services to you, how would you react?

Game Basics

  • Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • 4 Potential love interest (11 Endings)
  • Censored and Uncensored 
  • Partial Voice Acting
  • Cost: FREE

*There will be one NSFW image in this review and it is censored, but you know, warnings…*

While university students are out enjoying themselves, Claire* is stuck at home and having spring break blues.
After wishing for a fun fling, she suddenly finds herself in the company of four sex demons!
Three incubi and one succubus to be exact.

Maybe spring break won’t be so boring after all…


Cute Demon Crashers is a bit of an anomaly, not only is it a sex positive 18+ game that delves into the importance of consent, but, it is also one of the few games that doesn’t vilify female sexuality. In fact, I was impressed by how positively female sexuality was handled throughout, the game starts off with the protagonist Claire engaging in some good old fashioned masturbation, which given the nature of the game isn’t all that unusual. Masturbation itself isn’t all that uncommon in media, I’ve played several games that have in some capacity referenced masturbation, however, in those cases the act almost always involved a male character. Cute Demon Crashers is probably the first game I’ve ever played that even acknowledges that female masturbation is even a thing, let alone a healthy part of a woman’s sexual experience. And that’s an ongoing theme with Cute Demon Crashers, rather than vilifying female sexuality or shying away from the less than glamorous side of sex, the game instead embraces them, showcasing the awkward moments, the “failures” to speak and that makes this game so much more enticing. Because let’s face it, sex, especially your first time, isn’t as glamorous as the movies and romance novels make it out to be and it’s about damn time someone attempted to give a more realistic representation of sex, albeit, with a fun fantasy twist.

Cute Demon 6.png
This is how you start a game!

The protagonist Claire is a lot of fun, while she isn’t overly thrilled to find a group of sex demons in her apartment, she isn’t exactly telling them to leave either. She’s that perfect middle ground, yes, she’s naive and I found her acceptance of the demons and their willingness to pop her cherry a bit to convenient, however, oddly enough, many of her reactions throughout the game were pretty spot on. She doesn’t just move with the plot, the plot moves with her, taking things at her pace as she gets to know each of the demons and eventually, should you choose, engage in a sexual relationship with one them. Consent is a big part of this game, and while the demons offer their “services” to Claire, they never pressure her into anything. They even offer to stick around and get to know her until she is comfortable enough to do the deed with one of them… but, if at the end of their stay she still doesn’t want to make the beast with two backs with them, they’ll just leave no strings attached.

Even the demons aren’t what you’d expect. Typically succubi and incubi are portrayed as these glorified sex gods that are capable of fulfilling your every sexual desire and the demons in Cute Demon Crashers are for the most part pretty par for the course. They are sex demons, so yes, they are by definition good at sex, but, that’s more through years of practice rather than any inherent ability. In fact, one of the incubi, Akki, is a virgin. He isn’t as experienced as the others at sex, so he relies a lot on your input during the big sex scene at the end and even then there are more than a few awkward moments. But, no matter how awkward or embarrassing the situations are Akki never makes Claire feel uncomfortable. You see, sex is a conversation between two (or more) consenting parties and as such relies heavily on knowing your limits and those of your partner(s), so to see this level of thought being given to a game like Cute Demon Crashers is worth mentioning. But, it’s not just Akki, all of the demon lovers take the time to carefully consider all of Claire’s  needs and wants at several points during their sexual encounter. Consent isn’t just a one and done concept, its an ongoing part of sex, and Claire/the player can opt out of sex at any point in time, without facing any consequences.

The bulk of the game is dedicated to a single sexual encounter between Claire and her chosen demon lover, and these do get pretty graphic. However, if you are uncomfortable with seeing everyone’s naughty bits, the game does have a feature that lets you censor the sex scenes. Of course the toggle can be turned off and on at your discretion. The bulk of the game’s choices occur during the sex scene, and there are a lot of things to consider as each option is important in creating the sexual experience YOU want. This isn’t a one size fits all experience with many of the sex-based choices falling into one of two categories, mutual satisfaction or personal satisfaction, and of course the player has the option of ending things at any point during the sexy time scenes, either by clicking the stop button located in the top right corner or by selecting “I’d like to stop now” during the choice selections. The sex itself ranges from foreplay to light touches to oral and finally to actual intercourse and, yes, even some BDSM, there’s even a point in the beginning where you can choose to have your demon lover use a condom or not, it doesn’t affect anything, but, it’s a nice option to have nonetheless.

final thoughts

All in all, Cute Demon Crashers is a rather unique 18+ visual novel game that offers a surprisingly sex positive gaming experience. This game is a fun and safe way for folks to explore sex. There are a lot of great features that you won’t find in your typical 18+ title that help you craft your own sexual gaming experience, while also experimenting with your own preferences and limits in a non threatening and safe environment. So, if you’re looking for an easygoing, lighthearted game to help start your 18+ gaming journey, then look no further than Sugar Script’s Cute Demon Crashers!

And also be on the look out for their upcoming BL game Cute Demon Crashers Side B!

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