30 Day Haikyuu Challenge: Days 15- Favorite Animal Representation

I’m failing so hard at this challenge, hopefully I can be a bit more consistent from now on (no promises). I’m not one for excuses, so let’s get this show on the road, shall we… We’re up to day 15 of the 30 Day Haikyuu Challenge and today’s prompt is My Favorite Animal Representation. 

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I have to give it to the creator of this challenge, this is definitely a unique prompt and a challenging topic to write about. There are so many great teams in Haikyuu and each one has their own unique animal representation, each with their own merits. So, choosing one over the others is not an easy task… Okay, so really it was only hard to choose between just three teams and their animal representations and you can probably guess which ones…


Karasuno High- Crows

karasuno 4.jpg

Mother- effing CROWS!! How badass is that?! There’s just something scrappy and hardcore about the image of a swarm of crows and I feel like that image perfectly fits the Karasuno volleyball team! At the start of the series, the Karasuno team is just a washed out shadow of their former selves. Years of picking at scraps and surviving, biding their time until they can once again take to the skies and Fly. 

Crows, by nature are resilient animals, and while some see them as pests, it’s hard not to admire their tenacity… just like Karasuno! You can’t help but root for them, not because they are the “main characters”, but because they work hard for everything that they do!

Nekoma- Cats


It’s all on the tin with this one, I mean come on, their school name is Nekoma… Neko= cat! But it’s more than that, the Nekoma team is cunning, calculating, and their flexibility on the volleyball court is second to none; they are always analyzing their opponents, watching and waiting for the right time to strike.

Plus, I like cats, they are precious intelligent beans and for that they more than earn a spot on this list!

Fukurodani- Owls

Fukurodani 2.jpg

Last but not least is my favorite team in the whole series, Fukurodani! Owls, you can’t go wrong with owls! Majestic and wise… and ruthless. Owls are known for their swift and stealth like reflexes, capable of snatching prey without making so much as a sound, much like Bokuto’s wicked spikes! Plus, I think owls are just cool animals all around!

Welp, better late than never!! Those were my picks for favorite animal representation! I want to hear from you guys, which animal representation is your favorite? Is it one of the teams I picked or another team? Let me know what you think in the comments section, and as always THANK YOU FOR READING!!! 

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