Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #7

Hello all you wonderful Heroes and Travelers, it’s Thrifty Thursday and that means another Thrifty Gamer, the weekly post series where I spotlight three otome games/visual novels for gamers on a budget. Whatever your financial situation, I’m here to bring you affordable games that won’t break the bank!! All of the games on this list are $10 or less (does not include limited time offers and sale items), so no more weepy wallets!


This week’s post is a special <3 Valentine’s Day edition <3  and will include links to some especially romantic game! But, let me stress that these are not reviews, but recommendations… so your mileage may vary! Now that that’s out of the way lets get on to this week’s list!!

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Heartbaked Game


  • Publisher: Gourmet Visual
  • Genre: Slice-of-Life | Indie | Romance
  • Cost: Name Your Price
  • Where to Play: Windows, Mac, Linux

In a beautiful elven village hidden away in a lovely little forest, one pastry chef has just reached the last recipe in a sacred book passed down from her grandmother. Ginger has waited her entire career and quite possibly her life for this, and cannot wait to finally have created everything inside. However, the last recipe requires an ingredient that she doesn’t have in her pantry. TRUE LOVE! Ginger must go on a journey to find this true love, hopefully in one of the three admittedly quirky guys she knows. One problem though- she sucks at it. Good luck.


Heartbaked is a GxB fantasy romance Original English Language Visual Novel (OELVN). The game features three main male potential love interests with a total of nine endings. Each of the romanceable characters come with three distinct endings.

Fool's Helper

Fool’s Helper

  • Publisher: Vagrant Muffin
  • Genre: Slice-of-Life | Indie | Romance
  • Cost: Free
  • Where to Play: Windows, Mac, Linux

“Love isn’t easy. For hopeless romantic Brian and struggling writer Lee, the pursuit of love has been difficult. That is, until they meet the heroine! Can she help fill their lives with romance? Maybe even find some herself?

Everyone’s a fool in love, but the heroine is here to help!”


Fool’s Helper is a short slice of life GxB romance Original English Language Visual Novel (OELVN). The game features two main male potential love interests each with their own unique endings!

Love Tangle

Love Tangle

  • Publisher: NTT Solmare
  • Genre: Drama | Slice-of-Life | Romance
  • Cost: Free
  • Where to Play: Android | IOS

You are a credited scientist and researcher of wildlife conservation in Kaleido City. Your story begins when you move in to the luxurious apartment called Lilac Court, where many celebrities reside, as you take a position in the new workplace, Kaleido National Animal Institute, to save endangered species. Once you move in, you get to know many handsome and mature residents. Then, two men get close to you and begin to fight over your heart. As your heart wavers, you’ll make a decision to choose one, whom you can chase your dreams together with. Untangle the bittersweet knot of a love triangle, and find your best man!

Official Synopsis

Love Tangle is a ticket based free to play GxB romance mobile otome game.  There are a total of 12 love interests, however unlike other games where the player pursues one love interest at a time, Love Tangle offers six love triangle situations. Each route is 8 chapters long with two endings (Happy and Supreme Endings). Like most mobile apps, players are limited in how far they can progress in the game due to the daily ticket limit.

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2 thoughts on “Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #7

  1. I’ve tried Fool’s Helper. It’s also available on GooglePlay. It was cute and entertaining, but not enough to get me to read both routes (I only played the quirky, unconventional writer’s). I loved the storytelling and animation/illustration of Love Tangle, but (I think) it was the first of Solmare’s latest-gen, landscape-oriented, touch-sensitive mobile apps (followed by Sherlock and Ninja Shadow, etc.), and it gave me and my fingers such a hard time that I quit. I think I’ll try it again soon; I have a thing for love triangles and brothers. LOL.

    1. OMG thank you!!! I’ll have to update the links for that one!! Yeah, it’s a short cute game, great to play in between bigger games…

      LOLOLOL Love Tangle and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship… on one hand I hate love triangles more than anything else…. but, on the other hand, the story is interesting 😛

      YES!! I wish more of their games used the landscape aspect, especially since I play most mobile apps on my iPad and not my phone!

      heh heh heh bros and triangles, eh… I learned something new LOL

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