Dangerous Seduction | Yasumi Arimura Review: Falling for a Cold Hacker

So it’s no secret that this was the guy I was most looking forward to pursuing in the game. I have a thing for the cold, emotionless characters. Maybe it’s the challenge of breaking down their walls that sets my fangirl heart aflame or maybe I’m secretly a masochist.


Whatever the reason, Yasumi Arimura had my heart from the first time I saw that cold expressionless mug in the prologue! But what really sold me on this guy was the masterful way he hurled insults…he had me at “dumbass”… I kid. This route was a roller coaster ride of emotions from start to finish, and even now I don’t know if I’ll be able to recover. If you want a general overview of Dangerous Seduction, click HERE, it’s covers the basic premise of the game and includes links to the other character reviews I wrote for the game. 

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