First Impressions: Stand By Me Demo

Stand By Me is an upcoming isekai fantasy otome RPG developed by indie studio, Fish Attic Games. As an RPG-visual novel hybrid, the game offers players the best of both worlds—the rich storytelling of a visual novel, and the intractability of an RPG. 

After a deadly accident, you wake up in the unfamiliar land of Desideria, assuming the equally unfamiliar identity of Ciel Rozenbleu – a sorceress in the royal military. With no knowledge about your new identity, you will need to learn more about the world around you and the people you encounter. But, with Desideria in the midst of a conflict with a neighboring country, you will need to decide whether you will stay loyal to the country Ciel once served or if you will carve out a new path with your own hands. 

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