Era of Samurai: Code of Love Review – First Impressions

So, finally Voltage Inc decided to jump on the Shinsengumi bandwagon with their newest release; Era of Samurai: Code of Love. I have no idea why they saw fit to replace Shinsengumi with Samurai, at this point in the game it’s not like Western audiences are unfamiliar with the Shinsengumi especially with the Hakuoki series still dominating the western otoge market… But, I’m sure they had their reasons…

I have played a couple of games featuring the Shinsengumi, some were really good…and others not so much, so I’m really curious to see what kind of spin Voltage plans on putting on the historical samurai romance premise (that they didn’t already cover in Sakura Amidst Chaos/Samurai Love Ballad).

Game Details

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