30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 16: Anime with the Best Animation

It’s day 16 of the challenge and this time I had to choose the anime with the best animation. I’m not going to lie this was a tough one for me because I don’t really pay much attention to the animation. At least not enough to discern bad animation from good animation. So when I read this prompt I was at a loss for which anime to select…


What makes this choice even harder, is that the prompt is kind of vague. Do I choose an anime with the best overall animation or one that animates certain scenes really well? In the end, I gave up on being technical about it and just picked an anime. I saw this anime a little while ago, but I remember really liking the animation… large noses aside.  So, my pick for the anime with the best animation is…

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Fangirl Moment: Red Garden

Red Garden is a 22 episode anime, released between 2006 and 2007, later in 2007 a 45 minute OVA epilogue was released. The series follows four high school girls from New York as they find themselves caught up in a string of supernatural murders happening throughout the city.

What I really like about the show is how random everything seems in the beginning. At first you think you’ve stumbled into a high school slice of life drama, as we see each of the four girls waking up after what seems to be have been a rough night. We follow each girl as she prepares to attend their elite private school located on Roosevelt Island. You really get a glimpse at how different these girls are from one another,  each coming from a different walk of life. Kate is an affluent teen and revered member of Grace, a student council like organization at their school. Rachel, while she is the typical queen bee type, fashionable and popular, lives in a single parent home with a neglectful mother. Claire is the independent one in the group, she lives alone in a crappy apartment in the city. Then there’s Rose the youngest of the group, not only does she have to take care of her younger siblings while her mother is sick, she also has to maintain the full scholarship that allows her to attend the prestigious private school.

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