Alice in the Heart-Wonderful Wonder World Review – First Impressions

Alice in the Heart – Wonderful Wonder World is an Alice in Wonderland inspired fantasy otome game developed by QuinRose. So, I’m about a year late at finally playing this game. So when I heard that we were going to get an English port of Alice in the Country of Hearts, I was super stoked! Alice in Wonderland the otoge, is like a dream, but then I heard about the terrible translation. It broke my heart.

So with heavy heart I decided to pass the game up and moved on, but now that the semester is done with and winter break is on the horizon, I figured it was time to finally give the game another try. So, the elephant in the room: the translation! It’s completely awful, but bearable. I mean I will give QuinRose props for translating the entire game on their own, especially since they aren’t native English speakers!

good effort
Half a round of applause for QuinRose

Game Details

Edit: On September 25, 2015 QuinRose’s parent company Artmove ceased distribution of ALL QuinRose games. As of right now the game is no longer available in Google Play or the App store! Despite this I hope you enjoy this review!

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