News: Norn9 Last Era Now Available on Switch

Norn9: Last Era, the highly anticipated fan disk follow up to Norn9: Var Commons, is available now for the first time in the west on Nintendo Switch™. Each first run copy of the game includes an exclusive set of twelve full-color character cards, and North American customers who order from the Aksys Online Store can also receive a 1.25″ metal pin of the Norn9 insignia, while supplies last.

Norn9: Last Era is also available in a Limited Edition which includes a full color artbook, a 25″ x 15″ cloth poster, a set of 11 vinyl Hiyoko stickers, and an acrylic keychain featuring the chibi artwork as shown in the Fantasia section of the game.

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2022 Otome Localization Survey is Live

Happy New Year! It’s the start of a new year, with the promise of even more otome games! 2022 was an amazing year for Western otome gamers, with several new titles making their English language debut! Publishers like Aksys Games and Idea Factory Intl are making sure otome gamers are getting fed. But, before we dive in to the upcoming otome titles making their way West this year; I want to look back on the otome community’s favorite releases of 2022! So I’m super excited to be bringing back my localization survey with a fresh coat of paint for the new year!

Let your voice be heard! Vote on your favorite otome localization of 2022 and more! I’ve expanded the 2022 survey to include more categories. New this year are: Most Romantic Otome, Favorite Heroine, Favorite Love Interests (by game), Best Indie Otome, Most Anticipated 2023 Otome, and more! You can even explain some of your choices and share your thoughts on your favorite otome game localization pick.

Publishers like Aksys Games especially has shared in the past that they pay very close attention to community suggestions. So, I also want to know what games the community would like to see localized in the future. After all the votes are in, I will share the results here on Blerdy Otome. I will also share them with a few localization companies so they can see what the community wants to see more of in the future!

Voting will run from January 1-10, 2023. You can submit your responses to the Google Form Survey: 2022 Otome Localization Survey! I can’t wait to see which games you all pick! As always shares are appreciated! I’d like to get a nice sample of the overall community! This is gonna be so much fun, I can’t wait to see your picks!

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Aksys Games Anime Expo 2022 Announcements

During their Saturday panel at Anime Expo 2022 publisher Aksys Games made a few announcements about some of their existing projects and some new titles! Of course Western otome gamers are eager to see if anything new is on the horizon for us in the coming months and into 2023! So, here’s a rundown of the big announcements from Aksys Games at this year’s Anime Expo!

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