Blerdy Otome Otakon 2021 Con Coverage

Hey there Blerdy Tribe! It’s no secret that I live in the DMV area and while the East coast might as be iconic when it comes to otaku events, the DC are a does have plenty to do for the nerdy set! Most folks know about the Cherry Blossom festival in the spring, but we also have a handful of premiere conventions! I’ve had the chance to check out the two big anime conventions Katsucon and Otakon both as a regular attendee and as press from other sites. But, in 2021 I was able to check out Otakon as press for myself! Yes, you read that right! Blerdy Otome attended Otakon 2021 and it was such an awesome opportunity!

Otakon is one of the biggest Anime conventions on the East coast and definitely a must for fans of Japanese culture looking to fellowship with their fellow nerds! Of course I have you covered on the highlights of the con, so let’s dive in and check out some of the awesome things you can see and do at Otakon!

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