Last Window: The Secret of Cape West Game Review

A thief crosses a dark room, his prize a lone safe…A mysterious woman wearing a hat and sunglasses leaves a soon to be demolished apartment building…A man with no job returns to the only place he calls home…and a letter about long ago secrets.

So much has changed since that fateful trip to Hotel Dusk, a year ago. For Kyle Hyde the past never seems to stay in the past. The past and the present collide as the secrets of Cape West hit close to home for our former gumshoe turned salesman.

last window cape west.png

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West is a 2010 Nintendo DS single-player adventure visual novel and the final game produced by the now defunct company, Cing. Because of Cing filing bankruptcy, the game was not released for the North American market. Like its predecessor, Hotel Dusk, Last Window is played by holding the DS system sideways like a book.

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