Cupid Parasite Allan Melville Walkthrough

Official Website: Idea Factory International
Game Link: Nintendo eShop 

General Tips:

  • Start earning Love for Allan during 2nd Playthrough
  • After the 1st Playthrough the Common Route Changes Slightly
  • Saves 1-3 are for the Common Route Alternate Endings
  • The secret route unlocks once you clear the main LI routes (details for unlocking at the end of this guide)
  • Recommended Play Order: Ryuki ➤ Shelby ➤ Gill ➤ Raul ➤ Allan ➤ Secret Character
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Meet Allan Melville and Peter Flage from Cupid Parasite!

We’ve got a pillow specialist for your heartache! We’re excited to announce that the official website for the divine romantic comedy otome, Cupid Parasite™ , has been updated with the more character profiles in the lead up to the official English language release on November 2nd (North American release date)!

Get to know the cast of one of the most anticipated otome game of the year ahead of the big English language release! Today we’re getting to know TWO of more of the characters, Allan Melville and Peter Flage!

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