Kickstarter launched for Yandere Indie Otome, Heart Cage

Hong Kong based indie developer, Ricelovecoffee just launched the Kickstarter for their upcoming yandere otome mystery game, Heart Cage. The team originally released a fully voiced demo for Heart Cage as part of Otome Jam 2023.

Yandere x Otome x Mystery A mystery Otome game with all yandere love interest, play as a detective and find out the truth! This is a planned 18+ game, with a tentative release date of Q2 2025.

Game Details

  • Genre: 18+ otome | Drama | Mystery
  • Demo available on
  • Campaign Period: September 15, 2023 to October 15, 2023
  • Tentative Release Date: Q2 2025

Heart Cage Story

Yandere x Otome x Mystery!!

You are a detective who has just moved to a new town. You are involved in a serial killer case, and three mysterious residents (Or more?!) are approaching you!

Don’t trust anyone! But… can you?

Heart Cage Characters


Love Interests

Do you love yandere? Well in Heart Cage you have your pick of three “charming” yandere love interests to pursue… or be pursued by….

Side Characters

These side characters may be expanded into full romance routes if certain stretch goals are met. But, even if the stretch goals aren’t met, the devs will create follow-up DLC featuring them and their relationship with the MC.

Heart Cage Art Assets

Features to expect in Heart Cage

  • LOVERS TO DIE FOR – Have your heart stolen by one of three (or possibly more if stretch goals are met!) yandere love interests! The game features a common route (as featured in the demo) and a path for each of the three love interests! The game will contain ~10 to 12 hours of gameplay.
  • FULLY VOICED – Every love interest and side character will be fully voiced by a talented voice cast, including the spicy erotic scenes!
  • INVESTIGATE CRIME SCENES – As a detective, you can investigate and search for evidence and get to the bottom of the mystery! Some may affect the ending!
  • TEXTS AND CALLS – Your phone is blowing up!? Receive texts and calls from characters throughout the game! Just don’t forget to pick up your phone and respond!
  • Full of spicy CGs! – The game will feature at least 14 CG’s in the common route and at least 10 CG’s for each lover’s route. Each character will have at least 5 NSFW CG’s!

Why You Should Support the Campaign!

The campaign is set to run from September 15, 2023 to October 15, 2023 with a funding goal of $16,609 USD. In addition to the base funding goals, the team has a number of stretch goals that will expand on the content of Heart Cage, including romance routes for some of the side characters and extra 18+ DLC for love interests (and stretch goal characters).

There are also a ton of physical rewards and merch of the characters to add to your collection!

Learn more about Rice!

Rice is a Hong Kong based solo indie developer of otome and yandere themed games. They have previously released two games, Please Don’t Hate Christmas and Oh My Witch!. Heart Cage is their third project and after receiving overwhelming support for the demo during Otome Jam 2023 they have decided to expand on the game.

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