Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #104

Hey Blerdy Tribe! It’s Thrifty Thursday!! In a world where it’s all about the almighty dollar, sometimes it’s a little tough to make our pennies stretch enough to accommodate our hobbies. But, there are plenty of ways to balance your budget while still enjoying the things you love, you just have to be a little thrifty about it. So, I created Thrifty Gaming in order to spotlight some lesser known indie titles that are both entertaining an affordable.

If you’re a new follower or someone who has been following since my Nice Job Breaking It Hero days and have been gone for awhile, here’s a refresher… Thrifty Gaming, is a weekly post series where I spotlight three games/visual novels that are under $10.00. These can be mobile games, PC games, and a few times I have found some nice indie console titles too. The list used to focus on just otome games and romance visual novels, but after requests from a few readers I have since expanded to other gaming genres. I don’t include sales or limited time offers, each title has to be consistently priced at $10.00 or less without any promotions to be included in this line up.

Sailor Moon Money

Note, these are not reviews, rather recommendations so your mileage may vary with some of these titles. This week’s post will include a brief synopsis and links to each game so you can add them to your gaming library! You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your hobbies, so save a little bread and check out this week’s thrifty gaming picks!

This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made by clicking on one of my affiliate links earns me a small commission that goes back towards keeping the site running. Your support is greatly appreciated!

My Nemisis and Hero

My Nemesis and Hero

  • Publisher: ChaniMK
  • Genre: Slice-of-Life | Comedy | Boys Love
  • Cost: $4.99
  • Where to Play: Windows, Mac, & Linux

Join Kai, the super dense MC, in his daily life as he slowly figures out that his childhood friends might have a crush on him…?

Kai was picked on by Gavin ever since they were kids.
He would constantly be mocked by his nemesis, so he tries his best to change his appearance.
Gavin’s only motive is to get Kai’s attention. But instead, he’s now hated by his crush.

Percy, on the other hand, is always there at the right time to defend Kai.
His kind, yet over-protective title led him to become Kai’s best friend.
For all these years, Percy yearns to be something more than friends. But his attempts so far have been futile.

Both act this way because they’re completely smitten. Unfortunately, Kai is too dense to notice their affection!
He just wants to fall in love with someone… But will he ever consider dating his best friend or rival?

Official Synopsis

My Nemesis and Hero is a safe for work, comedy boys love visual novel developed by ChaniMK. Follow Kai, a high schooler who discovers that his two childhood friends might suddenly have a crush on him! Text them, call them, and even go on dates with the boys as you attempt to sort out your feelings about your two besties! My Nemesis and Hero has three endings, including a special poly outcome!

Bad End Theater NomnomNami

Bad End Theater

welcome to BAD END THEATER!

select your protagonist and explore a variety of terrible fates!

the decisions you make in one story will affect the others. you can toggle these behaviors to open up new paths! unfortunately, every path leads to a bad ending…

can you find a way to save this unlucky cast?

Official Synopsis

Bad End Theater is a short dark yuri game developed by NomnomNami. Choose between four protagonists and help them navigate their terrible fates! 1-3 hours of gameplay, multiple endings and puzzles to solve.

National Park Girls

  • Publisher: Studio Coattails
  • Genre: Supernatural | Kinetic Novel | Episodic
  • Cost: $4.99
  • Where to Play: Windows, Mac & Linux | Steam

All Eve ever wanted was to protect and preserve the land, but after five years of being a ranger in Yosemite National Park, she’s just about ready to throw in the towel. The people are careless, her co-workers are annoying, and thanks to an increasingly tight budget she can hardly do her job. Fed up and burned out, Eve lashes out, but after being transferred to a remote cabin post in return, she only finds herself more uncertain of the value of being a ranger. Soon after arriving, three strange girls corner her in the cabin. Not only do they claim to live there, but they also say they’re the manifestations of Zion, Yellowstone, and Yosemite National Parks! Are these girls really who they say they are? Why is Yosemite so obsessed with her research? And why does one of them have a volcano on their head? Follow Eve as she gets closer with these spritely cuties that put the “natural” in “supernatural,” and maybe even discovers a new kind of love for the parks.

Official Synopsis

National Park Girls is an episodic kinetic novel developed by Studio Coattails. The team updates the game regularly, and there are currently four episodes available (each is $4.99). Follow, Eve a ranger at Yosemite National Park as she gets to know the spritely manifestations of actual national parks: Zion, Yellowstone, and Yosemite! The game features full English voice acting.

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That’s it for this week’s thrifty buys, but, don’t worry I’ll have more titles for in next week’s post, so be on the look out for that next Thursday! But, if all that extra money you saved is burning a hole in your pocket and you just can’t wait for next week’s list, definitely check out some of my previous Thrifty Gaming posts, there are tons of games for gamers who like me are ballin’ on a budget!

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