Birushana Rising Flower of Genpei Yoritomo Minamoto Walkthrough

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General Tips

  • Only the Happy End and Tragic Love End have unlockable CGs. All other paths are optional (CW included where necessary)
  • Completing Yoritomo’s Happy End Unlocks Sub Character – Takatsuna End.
    • This end unlocks an Other CG.
  • Recommended play order: Noritsune TairaShungen ➤ Benkei Musashibo ➤ Yoritomo MinamotoTomomori Taira
Yoritomo MinamotoVoice Actor Character Bio
Birushana YoritomoMakoto FurukawaBorn the youngest son of Yoshitomo Minamoto, Yoritomo’s father and older brothers were all killed by the Heike in the Heiji Rebellion. Just fourteen at the time, Yoritomo’s life was spared from execution by Kiyomori Taira’s step-mother, Lady Ikenozeni.

Instead, Yoritomo was forced to live the hard life of an exile in the land of Izu. After many lonely years, Yoritomo’s heart became cold and isolated. Now he lives with only a single mission, a mission for which he will risk his life: to restore the Genji Clan with himself as its leader.
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