Variable Barricade Common Route Walkthrough

Official Website: Aksys Games
Game Link: Nintendo eShop

General Tips:

  • All routes are available at the start of the game. True Barricade Board unlocks after you complete the best ends for all four suitors.
  • There are 4 types of endings: Marry End, Love End, Bad End, and Another End
  • You can play the character routes in any order, though saving Ichiya Mitsumori just before the True end makes for a nice story progression.
  • You should unlock all the RABI scenes by the end of the Common route without having to move it around manually
  • Your responses to the WHIS Messages don’t matter
  • Recommended Play Order: Nayuta Yagami ➤ Taiga Isurugi ➤ Shion Mayuzumi ➤ Ichiya Mitsumori ➤ True End
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