Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #2

Hello all you wonderful Heroes and Travelers, it’s Thrifty Thursday and that means another Thrifty Gaming, the weekly post series where I spotlight three otome games/visual novels for gamers on a budget. Whatever your financial situation, I’m here to bring you affordable games that won’t break the bank!! All of the games on this list are $10 or less (does not include limited time offers and sale items), so no more weepy wallets!!


This week’s post will include links to the games and a brief synopsis, but let me stress that these are not reviews, but recommendations… so your mileage may vary! Now that that’s out of the way lets get on to this week’s list!!

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[First Thoughts] This World Unknown

So with all of the Liar! Uncover the Truth reviews I’ve been writing lately, it might be hard to believe that I’ve also been playing another game… Yup, I have been playing Ebi-Hime‘s most recent commercial visual novel, This World Unknown! Shocking, I know, Liar! has literally been taking up all of my time lately, but in between Liars I have been slowly (I mean snail’s pace slow) making my way through this game! First, let me clarify that I’ve only managed to make it through one route… ya’ll, this game is much more time consuming than I originally anticipated… I started this game at the beginning of October and it is now  November and I’ve only completed one route!

When I first saw this game I thought this would be a cute, short game to kill time with while I figured out what my next big game would be after Norn9. But, one thing lead to another and Norn9 was put on an indefinite hold and this game was put on the back burner after I got hooked on Liar! Well, now that I’m almost done with Liar! I’ve been able to devote more time to TWU, but not as much as I would have liked especially now that I’ve started working. *sigh* The full game review is still a little ways off, but I still wanted to get my thoughts on the game out there before I get too busy or I get distracted by another game again.

Game Details

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